Wholesale connectivity partnerships - how to unlock growth

Wholesale connectivity partnerships: why collaboration is the key to growth

Why partnerships are crucial to growing your network, what to consider when choosing a strategic partner, and how partnering with Neos Networks can supercharge your growth

Wholesale connectivity partnership - the key to growth


Why a connectivity partner is important

With the rapid rollout of 5G, IoT, and AI applications, businesses across the UK are increasingly investing in digital infrastructure. If you’re a network service provider or reseller, choosing the right partner is crucial for growth.

First, a good connectivity provider gives you access to a robust, high capacity network infrastructure. This enables you to offer reliable, scalable services without investing in building or maintaining your own infrastructure.

Second, a reliable partner should offer a range of connectivity solutions, allowing you to scale up bandwidth and try new services to meet your customers’ ever-evolving needs.

Third, a reputable partner should have the technical expertise and support staff to help you design and efficiently maintain your network. This is essential to ensure the smooth operation of services that delight your customers.

Overall, choosing the right partner is crucial to giving you a competitive edge. By offering robust, scalable services backed by a trusted provider, you can attract and retain customers. You can also leverage your partner’s resources to minimise capital expenditure and boost your bottom line.

10 things to look for in a wholesale connectivity partner

With a bewildering array of connectivity providers and products on the market, choosing a strategic partner for growth can be challenging. Here are ten things to consider when choosing a long-term partner.

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1. Network reach

Look for a partner with an extensive, high capacity network across a wide geographic area. Do they cover key locations for your customers now and potential new areas for growth?

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2. Flexibility and scalability

Check the partner's range of connectivity services, including business internet services, Ethernet, optical connectivity and Dark Fibre. Does the provider have the mix of services and scalability your customers need?

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3. Competitive pricing

Compare wholesale rates across the market to ensure you can remain competitive while maintaining profitability. Choose a partner with transparent pricing and no hidden fees.

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4. Fast quoting and lead times

Time is money, so choose a partner that offers fast quoting and ordering. Make sure their lead times allow you to deploy quickly to seize market opportunities.

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5. Delivery and support

Partner with a provider with a history of timely delivery and responsive technical support. NPS scores are one way to spot partners with excellent customer service.

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6. Reliability and resilience

Assess a partner’s track record for network reliability and uptime. Check they have redundant network architecture, appropriate service level agreements (SLAs) and robust monitoring to minimise downtime.

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7. Backhaul services

If you're looking to expand rapidly, consider a partner that offers backhaul services. Does the provider offer data centres, points of presence, or network-to-network interfaces (NNIs) where you need them?

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8. Security and compliance

Ensure a partner offers security measures to protect data confidentiality. If your customers have industry-specific requirements, check that the partner can offer fully compliant solutions.

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9. Choice of third-party providers

Some providers work with a limited range of partners, for example, to provide an access network. Choose a provider that offers a range of third-party providers with a track record of successful delivery.

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10. Trust and reputation

Finally, research a partner’s reputation and history in the industry. Select a partner you can trust with a proven history of deploying and maintaining critical, large-scale networks.

The power of partnering with Neos Networks

At Neos Networks, we pride ourselves on being more than just another provider. We’re your partner and ally to help you succeed.

With Neos Networks, you get:

  • UK-wide reach – high capacity B2B-only network with 550 on-net exchanges and over 90 commercial data centres
  • Flexible, scalable products – a range of services with speeds from 10Mbps to 400Gbps, including Ethernet, Dedicated Internet Access and Optical Wavelengths or almost limitless capacity with Dark Fibre; check out our product comparison tool
  • Competitive, transparent pricing – clear, upfront pricing fast with LIVEQUOTE, our online pricing tool, with the best rates across the whole market
  • Fast quoting and lead times – quotes in a few clicks with LIVEQUOTE and fast order fulfilment across 550 unbundled exchanges nationwide
  • Outstanding delivery – dedicated account managers and excellent technical support earning us an average NPS score of +75, well above the industry standard
  • Reliability and resilience – three UK network operation centres to monitor services 24/7, 365 days a year, and SLAs ensuring 99.95% uptime
  • High capacity backhaul – scalable Ethernet and optical backhaul services with 100Gbps NNIs in over 20 data centres and selected exchanges nationwide
  • Robust security – bespoke encryption options and dedicated optical wavelengths or manage your own with Dark Fibre
  • Extensive third-party provision – quotes for all major third-party providers in LIVEQUOTE and a proven track record of delivery
  • Reputable, trusted partner – 20+ years’ experience delivering class-leading connectivity, from telecoms, energy and emergency services to media, banking and transport

We’ve partnered with numerous UK service providers to help them realise their ambitious expansion plans, including:

  • Colt to extend high capacity connectivity to major UK cities, including London and Manchester
  • CityFibre to deploy Dark Fibre for fibre-to-the-premises services along the south coast of England
  • brsk to roll out 100Gbps services to key regions across the North of England and the Midlands

If you’re looking for a trusted, customer-centric partner to help grow your network, join us. We’ll be happy to help you supercharge your network.

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