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Colt brings high capacity to UK cities thanks to two 100Gbps NNIs

When Colt, a global network and voice services provider, needed a high capacity connectivity solution that enabled them to easily take 10Gbps Ethernet services to its customers, the company turned to long term partner Neos Networks to acquire two 100Gbps Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNIs) to meet the growing demand.


Neos Networks is one of the only UK telecoms companies to offer pervasive 100Gbps NNI services via its price comparison tool LIVEQUOTE and Colt would take advantage of the technology to act as an accelerator in accessing high capacity connectivity services.

The challenge

Although the UK is ahead of the curve compared to other large European countries when it comes to accessing superfast connectivity services, the nation’s appetite for high capacity continues to increase. Colt, a UK telco with over 25 years of experience, understood how quickly customer requirements can shift, and was soon made aware of the increase in high capacity service demand from its own customer base.

With customer requirements front of mind, the company immediately began searching for a connectivity provider that could support the high capacity services that were in such demand, and that would operate to the high standard that its customers had come to expect. Core criteria for choosing such a partner included a relentless focus on excellence, impeccable quality of service, high service level agreement (SLA) standards and importantly, the right technology and speed of delivery.

The outcome

Colt chose fellow UK telco challenger Neos Networks as its partner for the project. The two companies already had a longstanding relationship and Colt knew they shared a likeminded approach to customer service. Through its vast industry expertise, core values and best-in-class delivery teams, Neos Networks has also made a name for itself as one of the industry’s leading providers of seamless delivery experiences. Differentiating it from competitors and making it a perfect fit for the partnership.

The businesses growing UK network, would also mean Colt could further invest in, and supply, high capacity services to customers across the country as and when demand arose.

The decision was taken to purchase NNIs using Neos Networks LIVEQUOTE portal, one of the only pricing comparison services to provide such a product. These NNIs were then deployed in core UK cities including London and Manchester, bringing access to multiple high-bandwidth 10Gbps Business Ethernet services, much to the delight of businesses in the area.

As Neos Networks continues to unbundle over 550 exchanges with up to 100Gbps capacity, further growing its reach, Colt customers across even more regions will be able to tap into the high capacity services on a regular basis.

The high capacity deal has taken the Colt and Neos Networks partnership to the next level, helping Colt to provide customers across the UK with the services they require, and enabling Neos Networks to further expand its network reach. Colt has already seen significant revenue growth as its customers shift to higher capacities, showing the early fruits of the selected service

As the relationship between the two UK telcos continues to grow, and with the potential for more NNIs to be rolled out, the UK as a whole will see the benefit as it becomes a truly digital-first, high capacity nation.

“Neos Networks was perfectly placed to support us in delivering exceptional high capacity services that will help our customers’ growth. The business perfectly mirrors our values and in turn makes the end experience for our customers so much better. In an environment such as telecoms, where you are dealing with critical national infrastructure, trust is such an important commodity, and it’s certainly something we have in abundance in this relationship.”

Douglas May, Manager, Carrier Relations, Western Europe, US and CA at Colt

About Colt

Established in 1992, Colt is a well-established connectivity provider across the globe. Colt strives to transform the way the world works through the power of connectivity. The Colt IQ Network connects 900+ data centres across Europe, Asia and North America’s largest business hubs, with over 29,000 on net buildings and growing. They understand business connectivity requirements and provides high performance, high bandwidth solutions to enable customer’s success.

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