Why Neos Networks?

Why Neos Networks?

Supercharge your business with ultrafast, scalable connectivity for your digital future

UK-wide network

Our high-capacity, low-latency UK-wide fibre network allows you to boost your connectivity locally or across the UK. 

With three network operations centres, 90+ data centres and 600+ points of presence, we’re making connectivity work for organisations nationwide. 

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Connectivity for the future

With a range of networking services from 10Mbps to 400Gbps, we enable you to upgrade your connectivity for the future, whatever challenges it brings. 

Commercially flexible and technically innovative, our networking solutions scale to meet the growing demands of AI, 5G and IoT. 


Our products and services

Critical infrastructure provider 

As a Critical National Infrastructure provider, we have a proven record of maintaining national, mission-critical networks. 

We help to keep the UK afloat, supporting maritime and coastguard services, connecting Britain’s universities, maintaining a third of the nation’s grid, and more

Helping to save lives at sea

Fast, competitive pricing

LIVEQUOTE, our free online pricing tool, lets you quickly compare connectivity prices across the UK market: 

  • Choice of third-party providers – BT Wholesale, Openreach, Virgin Media and more 
  • Online ordering – order in a few clicks or save quotes for later 
  • Easy-to-use interface – access through any browser or connect your API 
Learn more about LIVEQUOTE

Industry-leading customer service 

Our priority is to deliver a seamless customer experience, from the first moment you contact us to final delivery. 

That’s why our average Net Promoter Score (NPS) is +75, well above the industry standard. 

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Trusted, reliable partner

Our 20+ years of delivering class-leading connectivity for various sectors speaks for itself. 

We’re a trusted partner delivering 24/7 for organisations nationwide, from emergency services and energy suppliers to local councils, AltNets and banks. 

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