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Optical connectivity for financial services

High-speed connectivity for data-driven financial businesses

We know that financial organisations face numerous challenges – from insurers and brokers managing policy and claims data, to banks requiring rapid transaction processing and client interactions, and asset managers needing robust networks for complex financial transactions and market analyses. These challenges highlight the importance of reliable and efficient connectivity.

At Neos Networks, we deliver tailored Optical connectivity that empowers financial organisations to reduce risks, enhance operational efficiency, and excel in the competitive financial marketplace.

How our Optical connectivity can transform your financial operations

  • Maintains trust: Our dedicated network ensures uninterrupted service, timely data delivery, and compliance with essential standards, fostering client trust. Download our UK network map.
  • Accelerates bandwidth demands: In digital finance, speed is paramount. Our Optical connectivity provides lightning-fast speeds for swift transactions, large data transfers, and seamless collaboration across your business.
  • Minimises disruption: Downtime is non-negotiable in finance. Our connectivity ensures seamless access to critical cloud applications, trading platforms, and essential banking services, delivering unmatched reliability.
  • Enables scalable growth: As your business grows, our scalable service meets your expanding connectivity needs, maintaining performance and reliability while minimising redesign costs.
  • Safeguards real-time transactions: Timing is critical in finance. We minimise latency for real-time data and rapid trade execution, giving you an edge in a competitive financial market.
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Why choose Neos Networks for Optical connectivity

Customised solutions
Our bespoke Optical connectivity solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of finance businesses, ensuring superior operational performance and efficiency.
Scalable bandwidth
Choose from options ranging from 10Gbps to 400Gbps, enabling flexible growth and facilitating seamless, data-intensive financial transactions.
Speedy delivery
Our high-speed Optical Transport Network is engineered for real-time trading, financial data streaming, and seamless cloud applications.
Reliability and security
We provide low latency, high availability, and round-the-clock advanced protection, complemented by managed switching services for uninterrupted service assurance.
Trusted network coverage
Our extensive UK network spans 550+ exchanges and seamlessly connects to 90 commercial data centres. Designed to the highest specifications, it guarantees robust connectivity and peace of mind.
Extensive support
Benefit from our 99.95% uptime SLA and 24/7 monitoring and support for managed services from our Network Operations Centre, ensuring exceptional service delivery.
Trusted industry expertise

As a Critical National Infrastructure provider, we maintain essential national networks, supporting maritime services, universities, and powering a significant portion of the nation's grid.

Our robust fibre network transforms connectivity for businesses across telecoms, finance, media, energy, and emergency services with tailored high-capacity, low-latency solutions.

Backed by an exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +75, we provide trusted connectivity and unparalleled support.

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