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Providing London Capital Group with complete control over its London connectivity

Building a network designed for the future.

Company Details
London Capital Group

The challenge

Prior to an ownership change, the London Capital Group network infrastructure hadn’t been upgraded in line with market demands and was impinging the company’s ability to collaborate and trade quickly. The connectivity was poor and due to management of the network being done through a third party, London Capital Group had little visibility of any issues or the ability to rectify these. Following a takeover and injection of investment into the company, the London Capital Group IT team was tasked with redesigning the entire network and removing legacy equipment.

London Capital Group had two distinct requirements for its new 1Gbps links: control and reliability. In terms of reliability, Neos Networks’ heritage in engineering combined with its industry reputation laid fears to rest. The network was also completely diverse from the existing suppliers used, allowing it to deploy a dual-supplier strategy. This ensured that should the network ever perform poorly or go down, trading won’t cease and the company can continue to operate while the network is being repaired. For control, London Capital Group wanted to remove the third party network management, which was possible due to the flexibility afforded by our network.

The outcome

Thanks to two resilient 1Gbps point-to-point links between its new Knightsbridge headquarters and two of its mission critical data centres – Greenwich and Slough – London Capital Group is prepared for the connectivity demands of the future. It also now has IP Transit in its Greenwich data centre.

The completely diverse routes means London Capital Group is now safe in the knowledge that its connectivity services are completely reliable, no matter how connectivity demands fluctuate. What’s more, the company can now take complete control of its network, rather than go through a third party, making it more efficient and able to respond to changing network demands instantly.

London Capital Group has ambitious growth plans, including potentially entering new markets and countries. Adding new offices and remote sites will increase network traffic to its headquarters and key London data centres, but this can be seamlessly facilitated with the new flexible network. Thanks to Neos Networks’ diverse connectivity, reliability is never compromised and this is vital for London Capital Group which is operating in a market where uptime means trades and trades mean money.

“We took the decision to redesign our entire network to ensure we could operate no matter what the circumstances and Neos Networks became a fundamental piece in that puzzle. Our network demands have soared as the business has grown and, with new headquarters in Knightsbridge, we needed connectivity that could support the level of trading activity we’re engaged in now and in the future.

It was Neos Networks’ engineering heritage and reputation for reliability that gave us peace of mind for this most recent network investment. By providing us with a diverse point-to-point link into some of our busiest data centres, Neos Networks has guaranteed business continuity for our network – a quality that is the key to success in a world that constantly has its lights-on.”

Blair Wright, CIO at London Capital Group

About London Capital Group

London Capital Group (LCG) is a leading global provider of online trading services with over 20 years’ experience in the trading industry. LCG’s head office is located at the prestigious location of 1 Knightsbridge in London; from here the company concentrates on promoting our services across the UK and Europe as well as managing its global operations. LCG is listed on the London Stock Exchange and authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The company’s success has been driven by its dynamic approach to the industry and by building a business model that operationally has no restrictions on scalability. LCG continues to develop and improve its product offering. Clients can currently spread bet and trade CFDs on over 5,000 markets including forex, shares, indices and commodities. LCG offers two trading platforms, advanced LCG Trader and well-known MT4. The company has won numerous awards for innovation, technology and service.

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