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Plant enquiries

If you are planning your own engineering works in the highway and would like to check what plant we have in your work area, you will be required to request a formal plant enquiry known as a C2 Initial Enquiry, the following information will guide you through this process.

Neos Networks adhere to ‘New Roads; Street Works Act (NRSWA) 1991’ and ‘HAUC Measures Necessary Where Apparatus is Affected by Major Works (Diversionary Works)’ Code of Practice.

For initial enquiries (C2’s) please register your search at:

Please note, initial enquiries (C2’s) for information regarding the location of our existing apparatus are FREE for the following entities.

  • Local Authorities
  • Utility Companies
  • Rail Authorities
  • Independent Connection Providers (ICP)
  • Contractors excavating on behalf of Local Authorities
  • Contractors excavating on behalf of Utility Companies
  • Contractors excavating on behalf of Independent Connection Providers
  • Private Domestic enquiries limited to your own property

For users who are not a Local Authority or Rail Authority, or who are not a Utility Company or an Independent Connection Provider (ICP) there is a fee of £43.20 inclusive of VAT for each search.

LSBUD will automatically add a buffer around your search area based on the selected Enquiry Type, Work Category and Work Type. The most common automatically defined buffer is 25m.

Please take care when defining your work search area in order to reduce “affected” responses on the Line Search Before You Dig website. Unless you specifically require a larger buffer, there is no need to add buffers around your work area. Adding additional buffers will increase the likelihood of an “affected” search being returned.

How to Pay:

When you submit your search, if the response is “affected”, indicating we have assets in your search area, you will be sent an email with a PayPal online payment link. You do not need to have a PayPal account as payments can be made using a credit or debit card through the PayPal website.

If you submit a search and receive a request for payment there is no obligation to pay for it, however until the payment for the enquiry has been made you will not receive the requested asset information (plans). Unpaid invoices will not accrue. This means if you make a subsequent search, you will not be charged for any previous unpaid searches if you choose to pay for the current search.

If you have any further queries, please send your enquiry to:

Neos Networks (C2 Enquiries)

4 Penner Road





We will require the following information in order to progress your query as quickly and as efficiently as possible:

  • Covering letter
  • Area of interest plan and/or map (PDF format if emailed)

For budget estimates (C3’s):

Budget estimates (C3’s), for works that we may need to undertake to alter our existing plant and equipment are FREE for NRSWA highway authority funded schemes.

Should you require a cost estimate to move our telecoms plant and equipment to accommodate your works, please contact us at:

Neos Networks

Telecom Alterations

4 Penner Road




We will require the following information in order to progress your query as quickly and as efficiently as possible:-

  • Covering letter
  • Plans / maps showing existing & proposed conditions (min 1:500 scale and PDF format if emailed)
  • Scheme cost apportionment information with confirmation of who the works principal is (the person or company funding your project)

Neos Networks will respond one of two ways:

  • A budget fee letter (if your scheme falls outside of NRSWA) showing the payment required to prepare a cost estimate
  • If it’s a NRSWA scheme or if you’ve already paid the budget fee, then a budget estimate (C3) response letter, a plan showing our telecoms network and a pricing sheet showing the estimated works (C5) with costs required to prepare a detailed estimate (C4)

Depending on the complexity of your scheme, we aim to provide a response to initial enquiries (C2) within 10 working days, budget estimates (C3) within 20 working days and detailed estimates (C4) within 25 working days.


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