Corporate reports - Neos Networks

Company reports

Offering our key reports in one place, to ensure we offer complete visibility

We think it’s important to be transparent about the position of our business. One of the ways in which we do this is through visibility of our reports.

Our reports outline our how we’re performing and our ambitions for the future, as well as getting under the skin of important issues including the gender pay gap.

At Neos Networks we’re committed to informing and educating our customers every step of the way.

Section 172 statement

This statement outlines the success of Neos Networks and the ongoing strategic priorities of the company.

It is intended to assist interested parties in assessing how the business is performing overall, and to encourage improved corporate governance.

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Our culture

Our colleagues are from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and we aim to build an environment that encourages innovation.

Neos Networks (previously known as SSE Telecommunications Limited) is 50% owned by the SSE Group and 50% owned by Infracapital.

Having formerly been part of the SSE Group, at the time of reporting, our data was included in their written statement within their Sustainability Report.

The Neos Networks’ gender pay gap can also be found on the Government’s portal and the pay gap and quartile figures are based on the pay data on the snapshot date of 5 April 2021.

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