400Gbps Optical Wavelength Services | Neos Networks

Introducing 400Gbps Optical Wavelengths from Neos Networks

Our high capacity Optical services just got even greater

Find out why Neos Networks’ 400Gbps services can better enable your high capacity connectivity needs:

  • Range of capacities: Our Optical Wavelengths can be purchased at 10Gbps, 100Gbps and now 400Gbps, with the ability to provision multiple wavelengths between sites.
  • UK-wide availability: 400Gbps Optical connectivity is accessible from 26 UK data centres. While our 10Gbps and 100Gbps variants are available from 400+ exchanges and 90+ datacentres. Download our network map for more visibility.
  • Route diversity: For assured resilience, our Optical services are individually designed and configured to meet specific requirements.
  • Low latency network: Our network is engineered to deliver services using the shortest routes and least number of hops to ensure low latency services are delivered as standard.
  • Strict SLAs: for service restoration and fault diagnosis.
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