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Supporting Instant On IT to deliver connectivity that holds up in court

Meeting the growing bandwidth demands of legal chambers and solicitors’ firms with Dedicated Internet Access services up to 10Gbps.

Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the day-to-day work of legal professionals. In the years since the pandemic, the sector’s connectivity requirements have increased exponentially as video conferencing, collaborative working, and online legal proceedings become commonplace. With so much of this activity happening simultaneously, particularly at larger firms or chambers, high bandwidth connectivity that provides quality of service, security and uptime is a necessity.

Instant On IT is an IT support, security, cloud and digital solutions provider dedicated to the legal sector. Its services connect solicitors’ firms and legal chambers across the UK. To do this while meeting the growing bandwidth and latency requirements of its end customers, Instant On IT needed a connectivity partner that could deliver.

The challenge

Instant On IT and Neos teamed up to provide Managed Dedicated Internet Access (MDIA) services for over 10 customers. Ideal for Instant On IT’s legal sector customers, Dedicated Internet Access provides a private connection to the internet with both the router and circuit monitored and maintained, perfect for organisations seeking reliable and dedicated internet connectivity, backed by business-grade Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These services can be managed or wires-only, depending on the needs of the customer. The former means businesses can offload much of the complexity that comes with establishing and maintaining internet connectivity, while the latter gives in-house teams more control to configure connections as they see fit.

Neos provides expert support in establishing, monitoring, and maintaining connectivity so Instant On IT can focus on providing more specialised IT services and support across various technologies including cloud, security, collaboration tools and more.

The outcome

By joining forces, Instant On IT and Neos Networks are delivering reliable connectivity solutions tailored to the needs of the legal sector. With Neos’ support, Instant On IT can quickly procure or scale up services for its customers through a combination of easy-to-use automated systems and a dedicated Account Director. Neos’s online quoting and ordering portal, LIVEQUOTE, is a huge part of this, making the process from order to installation as seamless as possible – meaning orders can be installed in as little as a week after purchase.

A major joint project between Neos and Instant On IT was overhauling the digital infrastructure of the No5 Barristers’ Chambers Birmingham office, a large site serving over 300 barristers and clerks. With a huge quantity of video conferencing and online court hearings taking place across the Chambers every day, Instant On IT was tasked with improving the service and reliability of the site’s connectivity. If court hearings are being done online, downtime or poor connection quality is simply not an option. Neos provides this reliable service across multiple locations with bandwidths of up to 10Gbps, consistently hitting quality audits and meeting ISO9001 standards for No5’s team of barristers and clerks.

“Neos Networks offers a modern approach to connectivity, dealing with their friendly team and straightforward connectivity portal which is much less clunky than other services out there. When placing orders with some vendors you still need to wait for quotes from account managers which can bottleneck projects. With Neos’ consistent approach it’s easy to plug connectivity in and with MDIA it means lower management is required on our end, so we can focus on delivering the best service to our customers.” – Paul Coote, CEO, Instant On IT.

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