Supporting Optinet in delivering innovative connectivity solutions at lightning speeds for UK businesses - Neos Networks

Supporting Optinet in delivering innovative connectivity solutions at lightning speeds for UK businesses

Delivering services within 48 hours allowing tenants to access high bandwidth connectivity through Neos Networks backhaul.

Established in 2016, Optinet was founded by a group of telecoms industry experts who aimed to disrupt the market by improving upon the low value, low quality connectivity services offered by incumbents. With Optinet’s customer base spanning several data intensive sectors including major retailers and multi-tenanted buildings, the company faces the challenge of providing reliable connectivity services that can support the high capacities necessary. To ensure this seamless experience for its customers, Optinet prides itself on its customer-centric approach and unique product set that offers a zero-loss service enabled by diverse fibre routes into a customers’ building or site.

Optinet operates by pre-cabling multi-tenanted buildings to enable its full fibre deployment. This involves upfront investment from the business to build fibre directly into the customer premises. To date, it has pre-cabled over 200 buildings, providing 2,750 offices with physical fibre that can enable services within 48 hours from 100Mbps to 100Gbps.

The challenge

The Optinet approach focuses on removing the challenges of rolling out Ethernet services. The process is often long and multifaceted, from order validation, to testing, all the way to configuration and deployment, with an industry average deployment of 90 working days. Optinet’s pre-cabling approach focuses on providing multi-tenanted buildings with the necessary infrastructure for landlords and tenants to access high bandwidth connectivity, installing the network infrastructure in advance and then allowing tenants to provision those services in future and within just 48 hours.

As customer demand grows for flexible, high bandwidth, high capacity connectivity services, Optinet needed to partner with a backhaul network provider that could meet its requirements for network reach, capacity and reliability. Critically, that connectivity partner needed to align with Optinet’s existing model and proposition of delivering connectivity to pre-cabled premises. Due to its expansive UK-wide network and shared mission to provide best-in-class services, Neos Networks was selected to be the backhaul provider for Optinet’s large Ethernet project across the UK.

The outcome

Neos Networks provides Optinet with 10Gbps to 100Gbps services through its backhaul infrastructure. Neos’s high capacity core network enables Optinet to provide its customers with Fibre-to-the-Premise connectivity in just 48 hours. By establishing a relationship with the landlord, Optinet is in a unique position to pre-cable the building, deliver the fibre and complete all necessary health-and-safety checks with no disruption to the tenant.

Through this approach, Optinet has enabled high speed, reliable, resilient connectivity services to many UK businesses. By adopting a pre-cabling strategy and investing up-front, Optinet is able to offer a seamless experience to end-customers, enabling faster access to high speed connectivity.

Following the initial large scale Ethernet project, Optinet and Neos continue to work closely together. Optinet benefits from Neos’s service and access to the expertise of its talented team. By maintaining consistent communication with Neos’s pre-sales team and Account Director, Optinet can acquire solutions that fit the company’s needs and meets its changing customer demands. If there is a challenge or change in plans, the two teams quickly communicate and resolve any issues before they arise. As the relationship continues to grow, there are ambitions to explore new services and ways of working together to continue supporting Optinet’s early adopter customer base with higher capacities.

“Working with the team at Neos has been a fantastic experience. Their expertise is second to none, and they always go above and beyond to deliver projects to an incredibly high standard. It’s a true, collaborative partnership, and working with the team is always so easy and enjoyable. Working with a business whose values align so closely with our own is a pleasure, and we look forward to seeing where else the partnership can take us as we continue to work closely together.”

Sean Pearman, Director at Optinet. 

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