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5 Common Pain Points When Choosing a Network Provider for your Business

We all know how complex the telecoms industry can be. It’s a fast-paced environment that’s constantly moving and adapting to meet ever-changing requirements. Add into the mix that your clients are often unsure which solution they’re looking for, and you’re not only faced with decisions on who’s product to sell but what product would be best placed to solve your customer’s communications challenges.

It’s therefore only logical that, as a reseller, you have a broad scope of connectivity and communications solutions that can help you to address recurring customers’ pains.

But what kind of pains can you expect? Over the last 24 months we’ve heard some consistent whispers in relation to connectivity that we felt our Ethernet solution helped to address. Take a look at our customer’s top five connectivity concerns:

Customer challenge:

At peak time, my download speeds are inconsistent, often ‘dropping out’ at crucial moments.

Unfortunately, when using broadband your customers are often sharing access with other buildings (both business and residential) in their area. This means that they could see dips in their internet speeds and connectivity when a number of people or companies are online at the same time. Ethernet helps to address this by providing a dedicated, uncontended connection for your customer’s business

Customer challenge:

Our office is in a remote location so I can’t get fast, reliable connectivity

As part of our Edge Programme, we teamed up with key connectivity providers enabling our partners to cost effectively connect to any postcode within the UK, no matter where your client is located. The rollout, aptly named Edge Plus, allows our partners to generate Ethernet quotes for our own network as well as BT Wholesale, Virgin Media Business, Vodafone, Talk Talk Business, Colt and shortly, Capita – all via our online pricing and quoting portal, LIVEQUOTE

Customer challenge:

I have too many suppliers and I’m unsure of who to phone for what?

We’re strong supporters of consolidation, particularly when it comes to telephony and IT. Why take services from a number of different suppliers when one reliable provider could offer the whole package? That’s why we suggest that end-customers take multiple services from just one provider – like our partners – who can, in turn, benefit from our range of connectivity products and service wrap

Customer challenge:

Once I’ve bought a product / service I often feel forgotten and am unsure of who to contact should I encounter any issues or concerns

Customer satisfaction is king – for us it’s at the core of our business. This is reflected in our continually high order delivery NPS scores which have averaged over the last 12 months at +61. In fact, on recognising the importance of customer service and after care, our Operations Director, Dave Eddy, put a customer transformation programme in place with the aim of making sure our service provider and end-user customers are happy. We therefore strive to ensure that, when partnering with other resellers we look for similar traits and business goals – all with a key focus on customer satisfaction

Customer challenge:

I want to move away from Broadband but a dedicated connection, like Ethernet, is too expensive.

It’s a common misconception that Ethernet is expensive. Yes, it’s more costly than a dedicated internet access but with a variety of bandwidths ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps as well as a host of different Ethernet service options including Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint available, there is sure to be a service that suits your customer’s needs as well as their budget, not to mention the heightened customer experience thanks to a more responsive connection for the user

The importance of choosing a reliable partner

As communications providers, it’s critical that, you partner with a company who not only understand the market inside-out but also have a firm grasp and strong belief in their own core products and services.

As a long-established connectivity provider, we spend a lot of time analysing, understanding and trying to address our customer’s needs, be that through the product itself or through the tools and services provided prior to, during and after a customer engagement. With a network comprising of 12,000+km of fibre across the UK alongside over 265+ Points of Presence (PoPs), 75+ data centres and investment plans over the next 9 months to add an additional 40 PoPs to our footprint, we know we’re an ideal candidate when considering your next connectivity relationship.

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