Expansion into Blackpool landing station enables Neos Networks to better facilitate high capacity fibre connectivity Neos Networks

Expansion into Blackpool landing station enables Neos Networks to better facilitate high capacity fibre connectivity

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Network access point will enable Irish businesses to connect into Blackpool and onwards throughout the United Kingdom, taking advantage of Neos Networks’ expansive 24,480+km UK wide network, while also bringing high-capacity connectivity to West Lancashire

LONDON, UK, 8th September Neos Networks, one of the UK’s premier connectivity providers, today announces significant network expansion across Lancashire. The UK telco is set to bring high-capacity connectivity services to the area and help create a gateway between Ireland and Blackpool for hyperscalers and international businesses looking to access fibre connectivity across the UK and beyond.

The news comes as independent Trans-Atlantic subsea connectivity provider, Aqua Comms, approaches completion of its Dublin to Blackpool sub-sea cabling connectivity project CeltixConnect-2 (CC-2). Neos Networks is acquiring a number of sub-ducts that connect Blackpool’s landing station directly into its 24,480+km UK network via a 30km Dark Fibre pathway, creating greater capacity and routing options for the Blackpool region.

The Dark Fibre connection across the Irish Sea will provide businesses the ability to route their traffic into and across the UK via Neos Networks’ expansive footprint and then on into their desired European or global location.

The project is perfect for hyperscalers and large content providers looking to utilise diverse and resilient networks, as well as offer greater choice to their customers. With connectivity backhaul into the UK telco’s network, these organisations will also have access to a single, end-to-end connectivity supplier to meet the entirety of their UK connectivity needs, reducing costly and inefficient multi-partner relationships, whilst also facilitating a connection between Trans-Atlantic routes for those with global connectivity requirements.

The announcement comes as Neos Networks continues to extend its network reach across the UK by growing its significant fibre core network to strategic landing stations, critical for those looking to extend from the UK into mainland Europe. The telco is also nearing completion of its network investment programme, Project Edge, which sees the business more than double its footprint by the end of the calendar year, unbundling 550 BT exchanges, making it one of the fastest growing network providers in the UK.

Sarah Mills, Managing Director for Wholesale and Smart Infrastructure at Neos Networks said: “Aqua Comms’ new CC-2 subsea cable system into Blackpool has opened up a number of exciting connectivity possibilities, not just locally but across the UK, Ireland and through to Europe. Extending Neos Networks’ core network as a Dark Fibre route via Preston into this region, enables us to offer hyperscalers direct access into the UK’s national fibre infrastructure, and on into the data centres of mainland Europe. Neos Networks will also enable digitisation for Lancashire industry, as we enhance our capability to deliver enterprise-grade connectivity services to the local businesses and organisations in the area.”

Nigel Bayliff, CEO Aqua Comms said: “We’re delighted that Neos Networks, one of the UK’s most trusted and fast-growing telcos, is making the most of our infrastructure, creating UK-wide routes for the hyperscaler market, while improving the connectivity options available to local businesses.

The work they have undertaken with their Dark Fibre network showcases how a connectivity provider can maximise the value of our duct, connecting the UK with European and cross-Atlantic data streams helping to create advanced digital networks.”

Find out more about our development in Blackpool landing station by checking out our blog here.

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