Brightstar and its increased Ethernet capability

Brightstar and its increased Ethernet capability

When Brightstar needs connectivity that shines.

The challenge

An internet service provider based in London, Brightstar provides connectivity to businesses of all sizes across a number of different industries, with many of its customers operating in the hospitality and service industry. With high data usage requirements, these hospitality firms rely on Brightstar to ensure a consistent connection for their end-users, even though there can be unpredictable fluctuations in demand.

Brightstar was looking for a network provider who understood the importance of a seamless network delivery and a good customer experience. This made Neos Networks’ heritage in providing connectivity for companies with no tolerance for downtime, such as in the energy sector, an important factor in its decision. complemented by a team adept at network deployments, Brightstar were confident that the network would deliver the customer experience it required.

The outcome

Brightstar now has the capability to provide 100Mbps Ethernet connectivity in and around London, where the majority of its customers are located, as well as further afield, with Neos Networks’ UK-wide network. This enables it to offer customers – which range from SMEs to large enterprises across a number of industries, including hospitality – a broad and dependable internet service. While the initial agreement was for four circuits, we’ve now provided more than 20 circuits to Brightstar in a three year contract; a testament to the great relationship the Neos Networks team has forged with Brightstar. The combination of an extensive network with a professional team has resulted in Neos Networks becoming Brightstar’s network provider of choice.

Brightstar benefitted from our personal approach in providing a dedicated team that is committed to understanding the company and the type of network it needed. Part of this service is creating an open and honest relationship, which meant that we fully understood Brightstar’s network requirements and could directly align this with our network provisioning, in turn creating a real trust between Neos Networks and Brightstar. During the delivery phase, this also led to a completely transparent discussion and ensured an issue-free implementation.

It was thanks to our Project Edge network expansion that we could offer a reliable network to Brightstar. Indeed, the additional fibre amounts Neos Networks’ network reach to 13,700km, 265 points of presence, serving 250,000 metropolitan business postcodes. This breadth of coverage means that the network could service a number of Brightstar’s customers and, where it couldn’t, the third phase of Project Edge – Edge Plus, with its innovative LIVEQUOTE tool – could offer a seamless alternative.

Edge Plus allows Brightstar to connect to other networks where Neos Networks can’t provide a service, and these networks are identified and compared in real time using the LIVEQUOTE tool. Our committed team not only used the LIVEQUOTE tool to find the most cost-effective, specification compliant networks for Brightstar, but it also trained the Brightstar team to use the tool themselves. Thanks to the comprehensive toolkit provided by the Neos Networks team, Brightstar can now be responsive and agile to its customers’ network demands, by using LIVEQUOTE to compare and contrast available networks. In summary, not only has the Neos Networks team provided Brightstar with the most suitable network, it has also passed on a valuable tool to help Brightstar’s team deliver the best service possible.

“We needed a network that was dependable and a team who were experienced in delivering networks without hiccups. Neos Networks is renowned for its reliable connectivity and with a skillful team offering one of the simplest on-boarding procedures in the market; it was a clear choice for us. With Neos Networks, we got what we ordered, we got it on time and the team was able to be flexible as and when we required additional connectivity services. We’re delighted that the Project Edge network expansion meant that we can turn to a much more predictable and reliable network provider. We now have an extensive network at our fingertips which can be deployed without concern. It not only improves our service delivery, but most importantly, it delivers the reliable connectivity required by our customers to keep the wheels of their businesses turning.”

Mark Barber MD at Brightstar

About Brightstar

Brightstar offers a full range of voice, data and bespoke communications solutions for businesses of all sizes, from national blue chip organisations with 1,000+ users to SMEs with just a handful of staff. Brightstar’s core strengths lie in its technical excellence and world class customer service. It has long-established strategic partnerships which allows it to bring to market the very best products and solutions for clients. Initially offering a suite of IT solutions, Brightstar became a fully fledged Internet Service Provider in 2006. Its core focus is on resilient high speed circuits and a suite of datacentre solutions.

Brightstar is a member of the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS), Internet Watch Foundation and LONAP. It also has vendor certification with Ruckus Big Dog for Wi-Fi and Mitel Interoperability for telephony. Brightstar is also certified ISO9001 compliant.


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