Now we really do go the extra Ethernet mile

Now we really do go the extra mile

We’re proud to announce that with the launch of Edge 2, our award-winning, high-capacity Ethernet service has increased its coverage of business postcodes by 30%! That means more for your customers and more for you.

In a phased delivery from Q2 2016, we’re adding 34 new Ethernet Points of Presence (PoPs) in areas of high customer demand across the country, like Cheltenham, Bolton, Darlington and Glasgow – reaching a further 58,342 business postcodes. In total Project Edge will now connect over 250,000 postcodes to our state of the art network, improving our service for end users and enhancing the service you provide for your customers.

Give your customers the Edge over their Ethernet competition

We’re retaining all of the flexibility of Edge Plus, but Edge 2 customers will enjoy more coverage, competitive pricing and an even more outstanding service. In fact enterprises in exchange areas will get the best value solution in the UK. And our new PoPs can be found exactly where they’re needed most. Their locations are totally driven by customer demand.

Our network is engineered to the standards of our power stations. Our numerous exchanges are built using the toughest kit available; if a component fails, another is ready to take over. And for extra peace of mind our network is monitored and maintained 24/7, every single day of the year.

This all adds up to the most robust, reliable and cost-effective solution in the UK. And with our user-friendly LIVEQUOTE tool, transition is simple.


LIVEQUOTE is your starting point

Once the new PoPs are live, LIVEQUOTE will give you the best available price. It’s also where you’ll find an up-to-date schedule for Edge 2 delivery. You’ll be able to track Edge 2 orders immediately, this allows you to respond quickly to your clients’ needs; which ultimately means more business wins.

As a service provider, your proposition has just got a whole lot stronger… and with our ongoing commitment to investment it’ll keep getting better.

We’d love to tell you more about how Edge 2 can help you and your customers. Why not request a callback?

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