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Why self-service should be the first choice for resellers

Business Development Director for Wholesale, Simon Willmott

In the digital age, self-service is becoming the first choice for many. Long gone are the days where multiple phone calls and emails were required in order to price up a service. Nowadays, it’s imperative that answers can be found in a few clicks of a button.

Recognising this, we invested millions in a customer quoting and ordering portal, LIVEQUOTE, to provide our partners with more convenience, better transparency and greater choice than ever before.

We had a chat with our Business Development Director for Wholesale, Simon Willmott, about why our LIVEQUOTE portal is ideally placed to support our partners current and future needs.

Why is it important to make complex quoting simple?

Rather than reaching out to multiple providers and often waiting days to review responses, our partners can easily and instantly compare connectivity quotes side by side in a centralised place, before making their purchasing decision. We also allow our partners to compare a range of services including Business Ethernet, Optical Wavelengths, Dedicated Internet Access and Cloud Connect, where they can also compare suppliers, postcodes, bandwidths, bearers and more.

LIVEQUOTE is not just limited to Neos Networks’ reach either. We work with third-party providers including BT Wholesale, Openreach, Virgin Media Business, TalkTalk Business, Colt, Sky and CityFibre, meaning we can offer complete nationwide coverage beyond our own network, providing visibility and choice to end users.

In addition, we’re continually reviewing, improving and expanding our tool. Over the next 12 months we’ll be looking to add new products, continue to review our pricing and add additional suppliers to make the portal as intuitive and useful to our customers as possible.

For those partners with high demand, we also offer an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows users to connect their platform into ours in a seamless way.

Why is high capacity connectivity such a hot topic right now?

Up until now, when looking at high capacity connectivity options, choices have typically been restricted to Optical and Dark Fibre services and not many providers could offer a digital interface to understand availability and pricing immediately.  More recently however, due to increased popularity and reduced cost to serve, demand for high capacity services is becoming more commonplace within the wholesale community. This led us to introduce our national 10Gbps Ethernet services.

Historically 10Gbps capacity have been limited to Optical services. At Neos Networks, our fully diverse 10Gbps Ethernet service provides a new option to the market. It offers built in resilience and increased availability while reducing costs.

High capacity services are imperative in serving the needs of your business and the needs of your end-customers. Couple this with a number of next-generation technologies also being introduced, including 5G and IoT devices, high capacity connectivity is becoming more necessary than ever before.

Today, we’re proud to have one of the most pervasive national 10Gbps networks in the UK. Even better news, many of our services can be quoted and ordered easily from LIVEQUOTE.

In short, it’s evident that high capacity connectivity is here for the long-haul and we want to be the provider who you turn to in order to facilitate your high capacity needs.

What is backhaul and how can it propel our partners into the future?

Backhaul connectivity allows you to take connectivity from our unbundled BT exchanges to other exchanges or data centres across the UK, connecting directly into your customer premise and back to your core network. This effectively allows you to connect end customers more quickly and cost-effectively enabling them to access next generation connectivity.

This effectively enables service providers, like yourself, to take advantage of the network of other providers (like us), without having to foot the hefty bill that comes with delivering diverse fibre into exchanges yourself.

Our backhaul service can be accessed on LIVEQUOTE  in both Ethernet and Optical variants.

What does the future of Neos Networks look like?

We’ve just completed the latest phase of our network expansion programme, Project Edge, pushing our reach further than it's ever been before. Today, we can provide you with access to 550 unbundled exchanges, 676 PoPs, 90 data centres and 34,000km of fibre infrastructure. We specialise in high capacity national services and we’ll continue to invest in our network in areas with high customer demand.

We also recently announced the launch of our metro access network. Once live, this will allow us to provide full end-to-end fibre connectivity directly to businesses within Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and London – all connected to our UK-wide network. Our access proposition provides a cost-effective alternative to EAD LA services, allowing customers to reduce their dependency on Openreach. This will ensure a single supplier delivers your full connectivity service from the end-customers building directly into a Network-to-Network Interface.

As we continue to invest in our own network, there has never been a better time to discuss how we can help you deliver more services to your customers. To discuss your network strategy and how we can help send us an email by clicking here, and we’ll get in touch.

If you would like access to LIVEQUOTE our Account Directors can provide you with a demo. Simply request access here. Alternatively, if you have an account, log in here.

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