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What is SoGEA?

What Is Single order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA)

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (or SoGEA for short) is a way to subscribe to a broadband service in one single order. That means there’s no need to have a traditional phone line installed, and then add an ADSL broadband or fibre broadband service on top.

Choosing a SoGEA service doesn’t stop you having a voice line, but you will require an overlaying VoIP application.

How does SoGEA work and why was it created?

SoGEA was created as a response to the reduced demand for traditional phone line services within businesses and homes across the UK. It is delivered using existing Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) broadband infrastructure.

Fibre technology is used for the majority of the cabling, and copper wire provides the connection between the green cabinet and the customer’s premises. As a result, SoGEA operates in much the same way as FTTC broadband, delivering similar performance and data rates.

How is SoGEA installed?

SoGEA is installed in a similar way to many other business broadband services. This could involve a survey of your premises, to evaluate the fastest, most efficient way of achieving the connection. However, if you currently have a fibre broadband connection, a survey may not be necessary.

On your installation day, an engineer will carry out the necessary work to install your broadband equipment. This could include working at height, and drilling holes to allow cable to access your property. With only a single connection required, you may be up and running faster than a regular FTTC broadband installation.

What is SoGFast, the GFast variant of SoGEA?

G-Series Fast Access to Subscriber Terminals (or GFast for short) is an improved version of FTTC broadband, achieving speeds up to four times faster than traditional FTTC broadband. Whereas FTTP requires additional infrastructure, Gfast employs the existing FTTC infrastructure, such as copper wires. However, a device is fitted into the fibre cabinet to increase data speeds through the copper cable.

SoGFast is the GFast variant of SoGEA. SoGFast allows users to achieve speeds of up to 330Mbps using the existing FTTC service, without having to take an analogue telephone service.

Before GFast, the only way for customers to reach these speeds was through the installation of an FTTP connection, which is still being rolled out nationwide and so, isn’t available for all.

What are the benefits of SoGEA broadband?

The advantages of choosing a SoGEA broadband connection are:

  • Lower cost, because you’re only paying for a broadband data connection, with no landline rental charges included. Prices will of course vary from provider to provider.
  • Increased reliability, as there won’t be any interference from traditional phone line frequencies, which can result in an unstable connection.
  • Speed of installation, without the additional time needed to install a landline connection first.
  • Future-prepared connectivity, ensuring that your business will be ready for a data-only future, when traditional analogue phone lines are discontinued in 2025.

SoGEA vs FTTC: what are the differences?

The key difference between SoGEA and FTTC is that FTTC is capable of providing a data and a voice service, whereas SoGEA only carries the data element.

In terms of speed and performance, overall performance may be marginally better with SoGEA, as there is no phone traffic to interfere with the integrity of the data service.

Where is SoGEA available in the UK?

As SoGEA uses the same infrastructure as FTTC, SoGEA availability is dependent on whether you currently have access to fibre broadband. If you’re using fibre broadband at the moment, or it is available to your business, it’s highly likely that you will be able to get SoGEA.

Does SoGEA provide a good alternative for businesses preparing for Openreach’s PSTN, ISDN, ADSL and FTTC 2025 switch off?

In 2015, Openreach announced that it will terminate the UK PSTN by December 2025. PSTN supports a range of legacy telephone and broadband products, including basic telephone lines, multi-lines, ISDN, and ADSL broadband, as well as FTTC broadband. As part of the migration to an all-IP communications network, BT exchanges are now closed to new PSTN orders.

All this activity means that traditional phone lines will soon be replaced by fibre connections. If your business is preparing for PSTN, ISDN, ADSL and FTTC 2025 switch off, then SoGEA provides a comparable alternative to FTTC and futureproofs against upcoming changes. You’ll enjoy a similar service, and you’ll be able to use VoIP to maintain a voice line and retain a traditional phone number.

How can Neos Networks help?

If SoGEA seems like it could be the right choice for your business, we can help you explore your options in detail. Our Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet service (EoFTTC) is available in a range of capacities, 80/20Mbps upwards, to suit any business type. We’ll also validate whether your current modem is compliant. And because we have one of the largest business Ethernet networks in the UK, with access to over 550 exchanges, you’ll be well connected.

With our knowledgeable specialists, our extensive product and service portfolio, and the right strategic approach, we can help you achieve the best possible connectivity outcome for your business. Get in touch with one of our experts today.

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