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EoFTTx MCT list

An introduction to the EoFTTx MCT list

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Modem Conformance Testing (MCT) is a mandatory requirement for all VDSL modems that connect to the Openreach FTTC infrastructure.

While we are providing a “wires only” service, we do have an obligation to evidence that your VDSL modem conforms to the Openreach standards set out in SIN498 and/or SIN527. Both documents can be found here.

Openreach advise that if MCT is not followed it will result in:

  • A request for removal of unauthorised CPE (your router/ modem)
  • Limitation or disconnection of your service
  • Lack of support when troubleshooting faults
  • Abortive visit charges or SFI (Special fault investigations) customer misoperation charges when engineers find unauthorised equipment on site
  • It may also result in equipment which does not comply with the SIN 498 ANFP or interferes with other subscriber’s service being terminated.

To progress orders for Ethernet FTTC and SoGEA, we will need to validate that your VDSL modem meets MCT compliance and therefore require technical specifications of the device you intend to use.

The details we require from you will take a similar format to the following:

Device manufacturer:

Device name/model:

Device software release version:
C031-416CTL B01_R01

Vendor ID (xTU-R) (G.997.1):

System vendor ID (xTU-R) (G.997.1):

DSL driver manufacturer:

DSL driver hardware version:

DSL driver firmware version:

Power consumption during normal operation (in watts):

Splitter manufacturer:

Which DSL mode will this device use?

Does the device support multicast?
Yes – This feature is disabled and will not be used

Approved Modem list for Ethernet FTTC and SoGEA:

Supplier Device name DSL chipset Chipset hardware Chipset firmware Comments
Draytek Vigor 2762n Lantiq/Intel PXB4369EL – V2.1 779517 CPE SW Release 3.9.4_BT
Draytek Vigor 2762 Lantiq/Intel PXB4369EL – V2.1 779517 CPE SW Release 3.9.4_BT
Zyxel VMG3925-B10C Broadcom BCM63168 A2pv6F039x6 CPE SW Release 3.9.4_BT

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