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Ethernet over FTTx

Providing all the benefits of Full Fibre Ethernet but at more affordable capacities.

EoFTTx is available in two variants; Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet (EoFTTC) and Ethernet over Fibre To The Premise (EoFTTP) and is well suited to growing businesses looking to benefit from the features of Ethernet connectivity but at lower bandwidths and a lower price point to better suit their business model. Where available EoFTTP will always be provided as standard. Where it is not, EoFTTC will be offered in its place.

The service is available in capacities ranging from 80/20Mbps using a mixture of copper and fibre (EoFTTC) to 1000/220Mbps using full fibre (EoFTTP) and is available across the nation from more than 1,100 exchanges. Where we can’t use our own network, we will rely on the network of our third-party suppliers, Openreach and TalkTalk Business to help get you connected.

The service is available to quote and order today from our online pricing and ordering portal, LIVEQUOTE. Request access to take a look for yourself.

Benefits of EoFTTx

  1. Access from over 1,100 exchanges
  2. No need for a separate phone line saving you time and money
  3. Standard SLAs of just seven hours
  4. Scalable and flexible, with the ability to transfer services to EoFTTP when available in your area
  5. Available in a range of capacities to suit any business type
  6. Delivered over 50% faster than standard Ethernet services
Ethernet over FTTx


Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet Point to Point enables businesses to take advantage of Ethernet quality service but using a mix of fibre (to the cabinet) and copper (to your premise). It’s available across the UK and quick and easy to install.


Similar to EoFTTC, EoFTTP provides direct connectivity to your premise. The key difference is, much like standard Ethernet, it delivers the services over fibre to the cabinet and then again over fibre directly to your premise. EoFTTP is directly linked to the government’s full fibre roll-out. Once available in your area we’ll let you know when you can upgrade.


Our Ethernet over FTTx NNI enables you to take an NNI at your chosen data centre and run any Ethernet services over it including Ethernet P2P, EoFTTC P2P and EoFTTP P2P. NNIs are available in capacities of 10Gbps and 100Gbps (at select sites). Speak to one of the team today to find out more.


Ethernet over FTTx FAQs

Take a look at our FAQs for Ethernet over FTTx

  • What is the difference between EoFTTC and EoFTTP?


    The difference between the two variants is the access tail type used and, as a result, the bandwidths available.

    For Ethernet over FTTC we are using Openreach’s Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) access tail. SoGEA is a combination of the Openreach GEA FTTC service and the underlying telephone line. Openreach SoGEA/GEA FTTC is built using fibre from the exchange to the street cabinet and then copper from the street cabinet all the way to the customer premise. The copper element of the FTTC tail has a direct impact on the bandwidth that can be offered.

    For Ethernet over FTTP we are using an Openreach GEA FTTP access tail, built using fibre from the exchange to the street cabinet and then using fibre again from the street cabinet to the customer premise.


  • What do we mean when we say GEA FTTP and SoGEA?


    GEA FTTP and SoGEA are the names Openreach have chosen for their access services. They both fall into the NGA (Next Generation Access) family of services. These are built on Openreach’s new infrastructure and are strictly data based meaning no traditional voice services will run in parallel. This approach is an indication that Openreach recognises that the market is moving towards IP voice.

  • Can you explain SoGEA in more detail?


    SoGEA is an Openreach access tail product and means Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. SoGEA is a combination of Openreach GEA FTTC services and an underlying telephone line all bundled into a single order (hence the name Single Order GEA).

    Openreach is in the process of retiring their telephone line product (WLR3/PSTN). They plan to stop selling this service by 2023, with full retirement scheduled for 2025. Instead of providing voice (and telephone number) based services, they will instead be moving to a data-only solution.

    This enabled us to allow customers looking to replace their telephone-based FTTC services with a SoGEA alternative.

  • How can you check availability?


    There are a few different ways that you can check if EoFTTx services are available in your area and at what capacities. The first is via LIVEQUOTE. Should EoFTTP be available, this variant of our EoFTTx offering will initially be shown on our self-serve portal. Where it is not yet rolled-out our EoFTTC service will be displayed.

    The second way to check availability is via the BT Wholesale online tool found here;



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