Tampnet lights up oil and gas industry

Tampnet lights up oil and gas industry with Neos Networks

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London, UK, 13 October 2015 Neos Networks, the UK’s leading provider of network infrastructure and part of the SSE Group, today announced that it has been selected by Tampnet to upgrade its existing 10Gb managed service with a resilient, high quality dark fibre network that will enable it to connect assets in London and the heart of the European oil and gas industry in Aberdeen. The capacity and scalability of the solution provided by Neos Networks will also enable Tampnet to realise a longer-term objective; underpinning transatlantic connectivity via Scandinavia as opposed to traditional hubs in mainland Europe.

Tampnet is said to operate the largest offshore high capacity communication network in the world, carrying traffic for approximately 220 platforms in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico. The company needed to ensure that its network could scale to accommodate growing demand from its customer base, while being able to support new business ventures.

“The key drivers behind our decision to scale our network was increased demand from our customers and the need to be able to take advantage of future business opportunities,” said Per Atle Sørensen, Sales Manager at Tampnet. “Our longstanding partnership with Neos Networks has ensured that our new and existing customers benefit from a guaranteed level of service across the UK. The latest dark fibre connection between the heart of the oil and gas industry in Aberdeen and London, will ensure that we can continue to improve on our service delivery and also support our longer-term ambition to underpin transatlantic connectivity via Scandinavia, rather than relying on traditional hubs in continental Europe.”

As an existing customer of Neos Networks, Tampnet was confident of its network provider’s experience in delivering high quality co-location services to remote locations. Having worked together closely on various projects in the past – including a joint venture with cloud hosting and data centre provider, brightsolid, to offer unprecedented network speed and bandwidth in Aberdeen and beyond – Tampnet was able to call on its dedicated account team at Neos Networks to discuss its evolving business requirements. In fact, the strong business relationship and cultural synergy between the two teams was just as important to Tampnet in its selection, as Neos Networks’ reputation for reliability.

Atle Sørensen continued: “Neos Networks is a much valued network partner and the flexibility and in-built scalability of its network gives us full confidence that it will continue to support our needs – and those of our customers – both now and in the years to come.”

Another important factor for Tampnet was the ability to have full autonomy of all active components within its infrastructure, which is exactly what Neos Networks has provided. Tampnet is now in the position to deliver reliable and robust services to its clients and can manage and rectify any issues immediately. Furthermore, Tampnet can now manage all of its off-shore facilities from one central location.

“We have worked in partnership with Tampnet for many years, providing colocation services and core networking links between its main Points of Presence (PoPs), before delivering the latest dark fibre connection between Aberdeen and London,” said Colin Sempill, Managing Director of Neos Networks. “Tampnet is in a unique position to provide connectivity between Scandinavia and the UK and we are delighted that this latest network project will enable it to meet growing demand and realise future business objectives.”

Our longstanding partnership with Neos Networks has ensured that our new and existing customers benefit from a guaranteed level of service across the UK

Per Atle Sørensen, Sales Manager at Tampnet

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