Making waves in Aberdeen with brightsolid and Tampnet

Making waves in Aberdeen

We’ve made a big announcement recently, as three heavyweights in the world of oil and gas connectivity have come together – brightsolid, Tampnet and us!

So how are Neos Networks, brightsolid, a data centre company, and Tampnet, an off-shore network operator, coming together?

We’re installing a state-of-the-art Ciena platform in brightsolid’s data centre.  This will give its customers access to our 100Gb network, allowing it to electronically provision the network faster than ever before.  We’re then adding Tampnet to the mix, which will provide connectivity to off-shore sites, completing the connectivity picture that centres in the oil and gas stronghold that is Aberdeen.

What’s more, the city of Aberdeen will benefit from this new partnership! A staggering £120 million of potential growth could be realised by Aberdeen, thanks to the investment of £5 million from brightsolid and £1 million from us.  This is according to Councillor George Adam, Lord Provost of Aberdeen, who recently said that for every £1 invested in Aberdeen it generates £20.  The phased investment plan will ultimately see Aberdeen become a vital hub of technical and communications excellence with a buzz of business growth and prosperity; we’re looking forward to becoming part of it.

We’re thrilled to be working alongside two organisations that are as committed to investing in the future of the telecommunications industry as we are. Together, we can make our customers better connected and we can’t wait to get stuck in!

Find out more about our partnership with brightsolid and Tampnet here.

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