Neos Networks enhances LIVEQUOTE platform with API-based ordering and ‘quantum quoting’ - Neos Networks

Neos Networks enhances LIVEQUOTE platform with API-based ordering and ‘quantum quoting’

The update adds 15 new features that simplify the overall wholesale buying experience through increased personalisation, parity between both portal and API purchasing, and an increasingly integrated end-to-end customer journey 

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London, UK, 23 January 2024

Neos Networks one of the UK’s leading connectivity providers, today announced significant updates to its digital platform, LIVEQUOTE, and the way wholesale customers provision Neos services through integration with their own platforms. LIVEQUOTE introduces 15 new features such as real-time order and quote status, multi-quote and order baskets, chat messaging, location-based real-time availability, and enhanced personalisation, whilst the enhanced API ensures these services and functionality are also available in customer environments.

With these enhancements to the LIVEQUOTE platform, Neos Networks is improving the ease and efficiency of purchasing connectivity solutions for its wholesale customers as they race to expand connectivity across the UK. This marks a significant step toward a low-touch provisioning experience, reflecting Neos’s commitment to simplifying and streamlining its customer interactions.

The upgrade also puts a huge emphasis on personalisation and user experience. The new “quantum quoting” feature offers customers enhanced choice and precision in selecting services, with location-based quoting and dynamic ordering to streamline the process. Customers can now see locally available products using postcodes, coordinates or an interactive map, filter and sort results by products, access methods and service terms, and interrogate their options with multi-quote baskets to compare prices, perform scenario analysis and build solutions – all of which is linked directly to a multi-quote ordering system.

Mark Charlesworth, Director of Product, at Neos Networks, said: “With the updates to our LIVEQUOTE platform, we’re making it easier to do business with us across all stages – buying, delivery, and support. Our focus is on giving our customers more choices while ensuring consistent and accurate information across all transactions. This upgrade reflects our commitment to supporting our customers’ growth and transformation by delivering a better end-to-end experience, tailored to the diverse needs of both our wholesale and enterprise clients.”

In addition to enhanced API integration, the platform now offers more real-time status updates on orders and quotes. This feature aims to reduce the reliance on traditional communication channels like email and phone calls, providing customers with immediate, transparent access to their transaction information. The integration of chat messaging further enhances this, enabling real-time interactions and support directly through the platform.

The platform’s latest enhancements include bulk circuit ordering within multi-quote baskets, advanced Optical 100G and 400G quoting and ordering, as well as the introduction of higher capacity DIA services up to 10G. The introduction of dynamic ordering simplifies the process, allowing for straightforward order placement with minimal data entry. Additionally, the rollout of Customer API v6 expands capabilities for all product types, while platform reengineering means upgrading to this latest version will be seamless for most customers.

Alongside these additional features, customers also benefit from richer product options whether buying through the portal or via APIs. Wholesale buyers now have more choices beyond Ethernet including optical, Dedicated Internet Access, Cloud Connect and Access Tails.

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