Neos Networks appoints David Bruce as CRO and Matt Rees as CTOO, signalling a new phase of accelerated growth - Neos Networks

Neos Networks appoints David Bruce as CRO and Matt Rees as CTOO, signalling a new phase of accelerated growth

David Bruce joins the company as Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for driving Neos’ evolving go-to-market strategy and ensuring customer success, whilst Matt Rees takes on the expanded Chief Technology & Operating Officer (CTOO) role.

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David Bruce and Matt Rees

LONDON, UK, 14 March 2024

Neos Networks, one of the UK’s leading connectivity providers, today announces two C-level appointments to support the company as it eyes accelerated growth in UK business connectivity market. The roles follow the appointment of Lee Myall (CEO) and Craig Forrester (CFO) in 2023, and mark the readiness of Neos to take its recently expanded, high-capacity network to market, as the evolving B2B connectivity needs of the industry continue to change at pace.

David Bruce joins the company as its Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and brings with him over 16 years of international sales and customer success experience. Having previously held a range of senior roles with the likes of Virgin Media and Vodafone, he was most recently a member of the global executive team at the cloud-centric connectivity provider, Global Cloud Xchange, with overall responsibility for leading sales and marketing for its Wholesale, OTT and Enterprise units across Europe, US and APAC.

At Neos, David will work to ensure that customers across Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), wholesale telecoms and the public sector can all benefit from the recent expansion and upgrade of Neos’ high-capacity UK network. He will ensure that Neos’ service offerings remain relevant and competitive as their needs continue to grow.

Matt Rees, the current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Neos Networks also sees his role expanded to Chief Technology & Operating Officer (CTOO), reflecting Neos’ commitment to taking a technology-first approach to building networks that are easier to provide and consume, easier to manage and easier to repair. The blended remit will more closely couple technology and operational excellence at Neos in the pursuit of seamless customer experience, and is a key part of how Neos will deliver on its customer strategy.

Lee Myall, Chief Executive Officer, Neos Networks, said: “Neos is proud to operate one of the UK’s leading B2B connectivity networks, and for some of the most important organisations across CNI, telecoms, research and more. As our customers continue to pursue digital transformation and begin to leverage increasingly bandwidth hungry technologies such as AI and IoT, we’re in a great position to support them.

He continued: “David brings with him a wealth of experience in business transformation and has a proven track record in positioning companies for rapid growth. Meanwhile, Matt is the ideal candidate for building out a world of ‘tech-ops’ within Neos, and has already supported the delivery of a range of products and platforms aimed at improving the end-to-end customer journey we provide.”

David Bruce, Chief Revenue Officer, Neos Networks, said: “I’m delighted to join Neos in this next phase of our growth. The company has always had an incredibly strong reputation for putting customers first and I’m keen to maintain that as we partner with them to deliver on their growing connectivity needs.

Matt Rees, Chief Technology & Operating Officer, Neos Networks, said: “The added ‘O’, for operations, in my title carries a lot of significance, and is really a recognition of the approach we’ve been taking at Neos for a number of years now. We’re ensuring our network and product strategy remains grounded in customer experience, and is responsive to changes in behaviour, preferences and new technology approaches too. To meet the growing demands of our customers in a particularly competitive market, we’ll continue to build an increasingly integrated end-to-end customer journey that is personalised, relevant and easy to consume.”

Earlier this year, Neos announced the launch of 10Gbps Managed Dedicated Internet Access, its latest fully managed solution supporting growing enterprise bandwidth needs and also 15 new updates to its LIVEQUOTE platform, which delivered a more personalised and seamless buying journey for wholesale and enterprise customers.

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