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brsk selects Neos Networks to build better broadband

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Neos Networks, one of the UK’s leading fibre connectivity providers, today announced it has been selected by brsk, the broadband ISP and network builder, to provide diverse national backhaul services as the AltNet looks to accelerate network rollout across some of the UK’s most underserved regions.

brsk is a full fibre broadband provider which focuses on providing connectivity to underserved towns in Britain, located in dense suburban areas. These areas often have poor internet connectivity speeds, limited competitor presence and attractive unit economics.

Underpinned by Neos’s 100Gbps Optical connectivity, brsk has to date deployed fibre connectivity to over 266,000 homes across Bradford, Lancashire, Manchester and South Birmingham/West Midlands, and has its sights set on an additional 800,000 across the UK. Neos Networks initially provided 10Gbps Ethernet services, but as customer numbers grew, the connections were migrated to 100Gbps Optical services.

Neos was selected for its ability to meet brsk’s key criteria of high capacity networks, service availability, speed of delivery and need for continuous network redundancy.

Jody Botham, Head of Networks at brsk, said: “Providing customers with high quality, reliable broadband is our main priority. We also want to give them the resilience and capacity they not only require, but expect, of connectivity services. Neos has been very supportive of this and has helped to drive our growth plans. It has also enabled us to scale our backhaul quickly, which is key given the speed at which we’re building out our FTTP network.”

Sarah Mills, Chief Revenue Officer at Neos Networks, said: “This partnership embodies our dedication to bringing the highest quality connectivity to homes and businesses across the UK, and we’re thrilled to be supporting brsk with its mission to bring high-speed, high capacity broadband to areas which are often overlooked by the biggest players in the space.”

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