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E.ON: connecting some of the most remote places in the UK

When E.ON need to know which way the wind will blow.

The challenge

E.ON needs to be in constant real-time contact with its remote wind farms in the Scottish Highlands, to ensure optimum performance and reliability for its five million UK customers. In order to guarantee a continuous connection between its wind farm estate and its Nottingham HQ, E.ON sought a telecommunications service provider with an extensive network reach in Scotland and England and a proven track record of delivering mission critical services to the utilities market.

We worked with E.ON to design and deliver a flexible and scalable solution to meet its connectivity demands – implementing a national Ethernet VPN, Internet access and extended telephony services to some of the most remote sites in Scotland. Our solution offered unrivalled geographical reach and a willingness and skill set to work in distant places in challenging environments, enabling E.ON to connect even the most isolated locations. The robust and reliable service that we provide is critical to the efficient day-to-day operation of E.ON’s sites, and to its ability to supply energy into the National Grid without interruption.

Neos Networks’ track record for service delivery – as well as that of our parent company SSE – provides E.ON with the assurance that its renewable energy projects are consistently achieved on time and within budget.

The outcome

With Neos Networks’ national Ethernet services, E.ON is able to manage its expanding wind farm estate in the Scottish Highlands with confidence, while we focus on delivering the fully meshed, highly available network services that connect E.ON’s alternative energy generation sites to the national power network.

Our network guarantees that the critical communications systems that enable the control and live monitoring of each site are always available – no matter how remote the location or how bad the weather. This ensures that E.ON delivers optimum performance to its customers, without fail.

As both an energy generator and telecoms company, E.ON trusts us to understand its business challenges and deliver critical infrastructure support services to ensure an absolutely minimal risk of downtime. This sense of shared responsibility makes this a truly winning partnership.

“As we pride ourselves on providing a first-class service to our customers by delivering quality and secure data centre solutions as standard, our expectations were extremely high at the outset. With a service provider as trusted as Neos Networks on board, we are in no doubt that our current and long-term needs are fully understood and can be met without fail. Crucially, we are also able to approach our plans for further expansion with confidence, as we look to establish a site in the M25 periphery in the near future.”

Simon Moody, Asset Information Manager at E.ON

About E.ON

E.ON is one of the leading power and gas companies in the UK, generating electricity and retailing power and gas. It is part of the E.ON Group, one of the world’s largest investor-owned utilities companies. With a total of 23 wind farms, E.ON is always looking at ways to make energy cleaner, and is committed to delivering the highest standards of service to its customers. We ensure that E.ON can communicate with all of its national power generation, production and distribution assets 24x7x365.


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