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What is a Managed Service Provider?

Hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP) could improve operational efficiency, giving your teams time to work on other tasks while reducing business connectivity costs.

In this guide, we’ll discuss:

  • The range of services MSPs offer
  • How partnering with a Managed Service Provider could benefit your business
  • Whether you should be outsourcing your connectivity

What is an MSP?

MSPs manage end-to-end user systems and IT infrastructure on behalf of businesses, charities, government bodies and more, on a third-party basis. They are known for providing a full suite of products and services that both complement each other and a business’ requirements.

They offer numerous services, including:

  • Application and networking
  • Infrastructure and security
  • Monitoring and management

While some specialise in specific sectors, others are service-led or prefer to focus on particular IT elements.

What does a Managed Service Provider do?

Businesses often look to an MSP for full support over their connectivity network. This might include email, help desk, cybersecurity, underlying infrastructure, telephony, VoIP requirements and more.

They can often assist with hardware and software acquisition too - providing insight into customer downtime, user behaviour, and technical issues.

What do managed services include?

MSPs offer their clients a range of connectivity and telephony options that can be delivered individually or as end-to-end solutions:

Outsourced IT management

Hiring full-time specialists exceeds most small businesses' budgets. MSPs can provide support as and when required (whether that be full time, or ad-hoc basis). They also often bring expertise of brand new, next-generation technologies and services.

Research and evaluation

Technology can be a barrier to business if not set up and managed correctly. MSPs shorten the learning curve and prevent wasted expenses by evaluating hardware, software and providers to ensure the right decisions are made when it comes to your connectivity and telephony.

Protection from cyberattacks

Whether you need to outsource completely or fill resource gaps during busier times, working with an MSP will cost-effectively ensure you’re protected around the clock. Your provider can also update antivirus software and network security to protect you from threats.

Your one-stop-shop solution

MSPs can handle all aspects of IT, providing a full suite of products to help your business meet its connectivity and technology goals. An added benefit is that you often pay one flat OPEX cost, instead of having to worry about additional expenditure - helping your business to budget more effectively.

What are the benefits of MSPs?

  1. Lower monthly repair and maintenance costs - because rolling retainers can work out cheaper than paying by the hour
  2. A one-stop-shop for all your connectivity needs, with a single point of contact
  3. Providing you have an agreed SLA document, your MSP is contracted to get you back up and running meeting pre-agreed SLAs in the event of a disaster
  4. Round-the-clock network monitoring and cloud management - giving your business 360° visibility
  5. The ability to scale by expanding your resources gradually, permanently or short-term
  6. Robust security measures that better protect your business from emerging threats

Should I use an MSP?

MSPs tailor end-to-end solutions by combining services from different providers into one package. Our dedicated price comparison tool helps them to achieve this, by making the comparison of providers and solutions for networking easier.

That being said, few providers cover every area of technology, so you may still need to support and manage certain applications (for example, your cloud connect service) internally.

Overall, however, by using an MSP you’ll get fast access to skilled experts who you can engage at short notice - making your business agile and reactive. And the sophisticated technology used by MSPs translates into better data insights and analytics too - so you can make more informed decisions.

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