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SSE Enterprise Telecoms is now Neos Networks: a new network for the UK

A new name in telecoms built on decades of experience

By Colin Sempill, CEO, Neos Networks

Change has been the one constant for us all lately, both in the ways in which we work and how we do business. We’d embarked on a major business transformation journey even before the pandemic took grip. Early in 2019, Infracapital acquired 50% of our business to create a partnership with the SSE Group. Long-term, sustained investment in the UK’s telecoms infrastructure was needed then, and it’s needed even more so today, in order to meet the growing demand for high capacity, resilient and ultrafast connectivity.

For me, Infracapital’s investment recognised the success we had achieved to date in building out a great network, winning notable contracts and being relentlessly focused on customer satisfaction. Since then, their investment has enabled us to extend our full fibre network out at an even faster pace.

Now in 2021, we find ourselves with a unique opportunity to provide high capacity fibre connectivity across the UK as a premier B2B partner focused on delivering the UK’s digital future.  As a result, the next part of our transformation journey is underway with a rebrand that will give us a clearer, more recognisable and relevant long-term identity in the telecoms market – independent from both of our parent companies.

Something old, something new

When we started the process of choosing a new brand name, we were looking for something that represented our heritage as well as the new network we are building in the UK.

You may remember that SSE bought Neos Networks back in 2002. Whilst we were doing our brand research, we discovered that not only was the name still relevant and recognised in telecoms, a great deal of positive association was still held with it amongst our customers, even after all these years.

Neos Networks, after all, was the first company to launch national Ethernet services in the UK, which established it as a dynamic and innovative organisation as well a challenger in the market. We felt that this story wasn’t finished, and we could build our future on this heritage of challenge and innovation.

We’re passionate in our belief that the market needs a new network alternative to the large existing providers, to scale up the high bandwidth, high resilience services needed across the UK. That’s why we’ve built our exchange network at such high capacities, so that we can offer Wavelength services of up to 100Gbps and Ethernet services of up to 10Gbps, thereby futureproofing UK business networks as technologies such as 5G, IIOT and 4IR come to life.

The result is that Neos Networks, literally meaning ‘new network’, is our new name, built from a business with decades of experience in delivering connectivity solutions around the UK.

A new network for the UK

We’re excited to have one of the fastest growing networks in the UK and will be continuing to invest heavily in expanding it throughout 2021. By the end of this year, over 550 exchanges will be on-net and we will have increased our network reach from 20,000+km to 30,000+km with access to over 680,000 UK postcodes.

Our metro networks expansion programme is also well underway with regional networks for Aberdeenshire and Perth in delivery, as well investments in more cities to be announced soon.

Class-leading customer care

Whilst our network is expanding, what hasn’t changed is the trustworthy reputation of our business; we’re still dedicated to providing outstanding customer experiences characterised by clarity, integrity and service efficiency.

As Neos Networks, our customers can be assured they’re dealing with the same people, the same teams and the same expert delivery approach they’ve come to rely upon.

We understand the importance of clear communications. In fact, our commitments-based management culture ensures we keep our customers up-to-date every step of the way with regular contact and clear timescales. We know this works, because our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is consistently class-leading. We were proud to have achieved an annual average +68 NPS in 2020 on orders delivered.

However, our real target is always to use our customers’ feedback to ensure we’re delivering the best customer service and experience. That’s why NPS is more than just a score to us, the customer insight we gather really does shape the way we work.

Connectivity reimagined

Connectivity can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. At the heart of our new brand is to simplify how connectivity works in the UK and find ways to make connectivity easier for businesses.

As a network operator, we are an established one-stop-shop for service providers across the UK. Our simple and user-friendly quoting and ordering tool, LIVEQUOTE, makes purchasing connectivity a really simple process. We also help the public and private sectors with simplifying and balancing bandwidth, reliability and cost challenges to achieve their digital ambitions or smart city goals.

We’d love to hear if we can help you on your connectivity journey. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about who we are and what we do, watch this video or download our Introducing Neos Networks infographic.

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