Contributing to the story of Neos Networks - Neos Networks

Contributing to the story of Neos Networks

By HR Director, Vicky Bori, Neos Networks

Building on decades of experience in telecoms, SSE Enterprise Telecoms now emerges under a new name: Neos Networks. With this rebrand, we’ve renewed our mission to, in the words of our CEO Colin Sempill, “build a new network for UK businesses that has the specific high capacity, high resilience that they demand” while continuing to win notable contracts and stay relentlessly focused on customer satisfaction.

Going beyond establishing a new external-facing identity – we also looked inwards. We called upon colleagues across our operations to play a part in shaping the values and purpose that drive them and keep them grounded. And as a result, Neos Networks has realised a fresh, dynamic reflection of its identity.

Looking back to move forward

We found the name “Neos Networks” within the pages of our own story. The name means “new network” and still holds a great deal of positive association in the telecoms industry from when it was the company’s trading name in 2003.

We’ve promised customers for over 20 years a quality network to stand the test of time. That combined with Neos Networks’ reputation for being innovative, was a no brainer – we now have a premium UK network and the ambition to keep going.

Making company values personal

As part of the rebrand, we asked employees working from home, in the field and at our Reading, Portsmouth and Perth offices to dig deep and articulate what it means to be part of the Neos Networks story. I see these new company values as a core pillar to the growth of our new company. Through brand development workshops and Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) programs, we included employee perspectives in identifying the six ways of working that guide us;

Our ambition is what drives us to seek out new opportunities and continually develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities of the business. We believe in giving everyone the confidence, direction and support to grow and improve.

By making the complex simple, we allow colleagues and customers to focus on the important things. Simplicity is driven by common sense, smarter systems and processes and effective collaboration.

With a relentless focus on the customer, colleague and stakeholder experience, we consistently aim to exceed expectations and challenge the norms of service delivery.

Our knowledge and expertise are what set us apart from the competition. We believe that every customer and stakeholder interaction is an opportunity to create confidence and trust in our capabilities.

We are stronger and more effective when we work together towards a common goal. We recognise and embrace everyone’s diverse strengths, are open and collaborative and support one another. We learn from setbacks and celebrate success as one.

We are passionate about the safety and wellbeing of our people, and the security of information and data. Our culture is about looking after one another and empowering people to challenge in the interests of safety and security.

These principles reflect our aspirations and commitments. They empower how Neos Networks’ colleagues strive to realise their full potential and deliver on the company’s wider goals to grow its network.

Transforming from within

Neos Networks has now evolved into an agile telco with an improved value proposition. So, to welcome colleagues , we’ve established a new onboarding process and retrained our customer-facing staff to ensure the right culture permeates the organisation.

Additionally, we are introducing strategic new software to attract, manage and retain talent within the organisation and give us better visibility of the colleagues that make up our staff. This will also allow us to continue improving learning and development opportunities and help us introduce digital solutions that suit our needs.

Achieving more together

Even with a new brand, a new statement to the market, and a new way to position ourselves, a lot remains the same.

As a provider of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), we’re staying committed to providing superior delivery, outstanding customer experience, commercial innovation and technical excellence. Having already achieved an annual average NPS score of +68, we will continue to deliver on our goal to ensure a superior customer experience that is recognised across UK businesses.

But with a revitalised spirit of collaboration, partnership and integrity, we can achieve more together.

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