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Rebrand FAQs

Check out our FAQs about the Neos Networks rebrand to Neos Networks.

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Why has Neos Networks rebranded and why has it done so now?

The rebrand is part of our wider business transformation journey, which began in 2019 when Infracapital acquired 50% off the business in joint partnership with SSE Group. Now, with ambitions to further consolidate the company’s position as one of the leading national telecoms infrastructure providers in the UK, the next part of our transformation journey culminates with a rebrand that will give us a clearer, more recognisable and relevant long-term identity in the telecoms market – independent from both of our parent companies.

How did you come up with the new name and brand?

Our new name and brand were developed through an inclusive process involving messaging, design and sector experts as well as internal and external focus groups to ensure relevance, longevity and impact.

The name Neos Networks, literally meaning ‘new network’, represents our heritage, as well as the new network we’re building in the UK.

Why did you go back to Neos Networks?

Neos Networks was our initial company name before we were bought by SSE Group in 2003. When doing our brand research, we discovered that the name is still relevant and recognised in the telecoms industry, and that a great deal of positive association is still held with it among our customers and peers.

What is Neos Networks trying to communicate through the new logo?

The Neos Networks mark is constructed of three interlinking waves, collectively forming the letter ‘N’. As a whole, it represents the continuous connection between Neos Networks, customers and global businesses.

Our new brand embodies our vision to redefine how connectivity is delivered in the UK and our belief in making complex connectivity challenges simple for our customers.

Have the company’s vision, mission and values changed?

At the heart of our new brand is the goal to deliver excellent connectivity in the UK and find ways to simplify this process for businesses. We have updated our vision, mission and values to reflect this.

They outline our aspiration to bring together the unparalleled expertise of dedicated teams with innovation and technical excellence to give enterprises, government organisations and our partners a better network experience that can power the UK’s digital future. Our vision, mission and values reflect our spirit of collaboration, partnership and integrity that means we can achieve more, together.

Is the company going to be changing what it does?

No. Neos Networks will continue to bring together the unparalleled expertise of dedicated professionals who combine the technical excellence and innovative approaches required to provide businesses, government organisations and their partners with a superior network that is the cornerstone of the UK’s digital future. All this is done with a spirit of collaboration, partnership and integrity because collectively we can achieve more, together.

Our services are delivered through a UK-wide network, offering a wide range of products and integrated solutions including leading edge WAN, EthernetOptical and Dark Fibre services. With decades of industry knowledge and experience, Neos Networks can be trusted to deliver efficiencies as well as a competitive edge. For more information browse our website.

Will this impact product and service offerings?

No. We continue to have one of the fastest growing networks in the UK and will be continuing to invest heavily in expanding it throughout 2021. We will continue offering a wide range of products and integrated solutions including leading SD-WAN, Ethernet, Optical and Dark Fibre services with other products on the horizon.

How will the rebrand impact customers?

Our ambition for a new and improved network aligns with our determination to be known as a trustworthy business dedicated to providing outstanding customer experiences characterised by clarity, integrity, efficiency of service and expertise. Our customers can rest-assured they’re dealing with the same people, the same teams and the same expert delivery approach they have come to rely upon.

Has the ownership structure of Neos Networks changed?

No. SSE Group, a leading generator of renewable electricity in the UK and Ireland and one of the largest electricity network companies in the UK, and Infracapital, the infrastructure equity investment arm of M&G Prudential, each retain a 50 per cent stake in Neos Networks.

Does the rebranding have any impact on existing partnerships or contracts?

No. All contracts concluded under the former company name of Neos Networks remain unchanged under the new name of Neos Networks.

What are the links to the new website and social channels?

The new website URL is: Anyone who visits our previous website will be redirected.

Our new social media pages are:

Twitter: @NeosNetworks

LinkedIn: Neos Networks

Will your bank details change?

No. Our bank details will stay the same but the name of our account will change from SSE Telecommunications Ltd to Neos Networks Ltd.

What is your registered legal name and is it different to what we had before?

Our Companies House record is the same, we’ve simply renamed it to Neos Networks Ltd to align with the rebrand.

Where is your registered office?

Our registered office is still the same:

Inveralmond House, 200 Dunkeld Road, Perth, PH1 3AQ

Have your company number or VAT number changed?

No, both remain the same.

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