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Data Centre Connectivity Solutions

For Data Centre Operators optimum connectivity is crucial. Equally high-speed, ultra-resilient data services alongside full UK-coverage is critical for end-customers when it comes to choosing a data centre provider.

For Data Centre Operators to stand out they need to provide robust, resilient and reliable connectivity options for their customers. Not only that, they need to provide a variety of operators so that their customers can ensure primary and back-up routes are diverse and secure.

Neos Networks has connected over 90 commercial data centres across the UK. Providing low latency, high capacity connectivity to support UK industry. Talk to us today to get your data centre on-net.

Benefits for Data Centre Operators

  1. Take advantage of our UK-wide network
  2. We can support demand for high capacity, resilient wavelengths between commercial data centres
  3. Our Network Operations Centre provides 24/7 support
  4. Quote and order connectivity for yourself via our online self-service pricing portal, LIVEQUOTE
  5. Access our low latency, high capacity network
  6. We like to understand what our customers are trying to achieve in the short, medium and long term, so we can deliver agile solutions that stand the test of time