CableCom selects Neos Networks to deliver reliable Ethernet

CableCom selects Neos Networks to deliver reliable Ethernet in data-intensive environments

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Neos Networks will now deliver backhaul capacity and point-to-point Ethernet circuits for managed internet service provider. 

London, 7 October 2014 – Neos Networks, the UK’s leading provider of network infrastructure and data centre services, and part of the SSE Group – has today announced that it will be the principle provider of backhaul capacity to nine unbundled BT Exchanges of managed internet service provider, CableCom Networking, as well as delivering point-to-point Ethernet circuits, to connect 12 of the company’s London customer sites.

The BT Exchange backhaul capacity consists of GigE and 10Gb circuits, to ensure that CableCom can offer high capacity, ultra resilient bandwidth. These installations went live in September for CableCom’s end customers.

Following a competitive tender, Neos Networks was chosen due to its vast network. Having extended the number of Points of Presence (PoPs) across the UK by 62 in the recent Project Edge network expansion, Neos Networks became a natural fit to meet the Ethernet requirements of CableCom and its customers.

“We are proud to offer our customers a resilient and high-capacity network, especially in the data-intensive environments we often face,” said Rhys Thomas, group operations director at CableCom. “It is extremely important that we evaluate our network suppliers to ensure that we can deliver this level of service to customers, and the recent Project Edge network expansion by Neos Networks has made this an easy decision. We now not only have a network provider that’s renowned for its engineering prowess, but one that also makes complete business sense.”

CableCom typically provides data networks to high volume users; such as students, key workers and those in residential accommodation. It, therefore, has to ensure there is enough capacity to facilitate this high usage and that the service delivered is as reliable as possible, irrespective of the number of devices trying to access the network or the amount of information being downloaded.

“Providing reliable internet services in a multi-device world can be challenging, particularly when end users, such as students, have high bandwidth requirements,” said Colin Sempill, managing director at Neos Networks. “We make it our mission to solve network capacity and reliability issues for customers. Always-on connectivity is an absolute necessity and we’re thrilled to be providing CableCom with a network infrastructure that allows its customers to reap the rewards of dependable connectivity.”

About CableCom

CableCom Networking (CableCom), is a leading provider of managed internet and digital media services to high density, principally student, accommodation throughout the UK.

CableCom designs, installs and manages the networks required to deliver broadband connectivity and digital media services to student accommodation, social housing and key worker accommodation under long term contracts. It has grown rapidly through a focus on technical excellence, high levels of customer service and by maintaining strong partnerships with investors in the sector.

“We are proud to offer our customers a resilient and high-capacity network, especially in the data-intensive environments we often face.”

Rhys Thomas, Group Operations Director at CableCom

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