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Digital transformation vs. energy transition

Digital transformation vs energy transition

With the oil and gas sector facing continuing uncertainty, deciding how best to invest in technology for a more profitable future can be a daunting prospect.

Digital transformation is undoubtedly a primary challenge and has been ongoing for some time. Organisations have already made significant progress, but investment in advancements such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and remote monitoring will still be required for many.

Meanwhile, the prospect of diversifying into the renewables space, is one in which oil and gas companies are also investing more. But in a turbulent market, could greater focus on future energy transition be to the detriment of businesses today?

Our eBook examines the extent of current investment in these two priorities for the sector. Both demand leading edge network infrastructure and the expertise of a partner well established in delivering resilient, high capacity connectivity in order to progress successfully.

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