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Marston’s Telecoms and its core optical network

When brewery-owned Marston’s Telecoms needs to serve up an ultra-resilient UK network.

The challenge

Marston’s Telecoms is the telecoms business behind the country’s most loved brewer, Marston’s PLC. From its humble beginnings as a reseller of services, it has developed into a thriving service provider, specialising in delivering Broadband, Ethernet, Hosted VoIP, Telephony and Wi-Fi services to the hospitality industry over its carrier-grade MPLS network.

In order for Marston’s Telecoms to deliver guaranteed connectivity to its growing customer base –particularly in the hospitality sector and, indeed, for Marston’s own pub network – it needed to establish a highly secure and resilient infrastructure. As a result, Marston’s Telecoms looked to upgrade its three-tiered 1Gbps network to offer greater capacity.

Marston’s Telecoms chose us to deliver its network expansion due to our reliable and robust network, our service delivery assurances and excellent reputation and commercial terms.

The outcome

We upgraded Marston’s Telecoms’ existing network with our LIGHTNOW service, delivering three affordable 10Gbps wavelengths, providing a scalable, resilient foundation for Marston’s Telecoms’ core network and managed service platforms. The solution was rapidly deployed and Marston’s Telecoms was able to call upon its own dedicated account manager and single point of contact throughout the whole deployment process.

What’s more, while alternative solutions from other providers were not as commercially viable compared with the attractive proposition put forward by Neos Networks, our solution has reduced operational costs, enabling Marston’s Telecoms to pass on the cost savings to its own customers. And of course, with our help, Marston’s Telecoms not only benefits from competitive prices; it’s also safe in the knowledge that its network partner of choice is a trusted provider. Indeed, the fact that Marston’s Telecoms now runs its core network over our infrastructure demonstrates the level of confidence placed in our network.

Marston’s Telecoms is also making use of Neos Networks’ extensive network expansion, dubbed Project Edge, which concluded in Edge Plus, a service which allows companies to interconnect with other leading network providers beyond the Neos Networks’ network footprint. Neos Networks’ online price comparison engine, LIVEQUOTE, which compares and analyses Ethernet quotes from other major UK carriers as well as Neos Networks, allows Marston’s Telecoms to find and provision network services for customers in real time at the most cost effective price possible.

“In order to deliver a fail-safe solution to UK businesses, as well as our own core network, we needed to create a highly secure and reliable infrastructure. We take pride in offering a resilient network built on a foundation of connections, which enables us to offer the best in network failovers. That’s why we looked for a trusted network partner to facilitate our growth as a managed service provider. Neos Networks’ reputation and its extensive network footprint, combined with its ability to interconnect with other carriers, were paramount to our decision. We view this as the start of a long and strategic relationship with Neos Networks – our partner of choice for all of our ongoing optical and Ethernet requirements.”

Rob Derbyshire, Operations Manager, Marston’s Telecom at Marston’s PLC

About Marston’s Telecoms

Marston’s Telecoms is the telecoms business behind the country’s most loved brewer, Marston’s PLC. Launched in 2008, the business has evolved with the technology. Originally a humble reseller of services, we now can offer everything you’d expect from a telecommunications supplier. We offer Broadband, Ethernet, Hosted VoIP, Private WANs, Telephony and Wi-Fi to business customers and the channel and all are delivered over our carrier-grade MPLS network.

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