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Brewin Dolphin and its three 100Mb internet circuits

When financial services firm Brewin Dolphin needs fast yet rock solid connectivity for customers and staff.

The challenge

With a long history traced over 250 years, Brewin Dolphin has 28 offices throughout the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands and employs just under 500 fully qualified investment managers and financial planners. Due to the nature of its business and the security requirements of the data it holds, Brewin Dolphin looked to separate its internal corporate internet access with the connection offered to guests and customers in reception and meeting areas. In so doing, Brewin Dolphin can allow a seamless connection, without compromising on data security.

The firm has a long-term outlook and was also in the process of enabling greater mobility for its workforce. Brewin Dolphin’s IT department needed to ensure that its staff had access to ultra-reliable and fast Wi-Fi from a host of mobile devices. Indeed, not only was it important for the company to provide rock solid Wi-Fi connectivity to its customers and other guests, it also needs to deliver for its staff, ensuring that they could get online rapidly regardless of their location or chosen device.

The outcome

With Neos Networks, Brewin Dolphin, one of the largest investment management and financial planning firms in the UK, now delivers ultra-reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity to its customers, guests and staff at three of its largest UK offices in London, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Given the high value information held by financial services firms, we helped Brewin Dolphin to separate its mission critical business data, from less sensitive information, while at the same time offering a secure, yet seamless guest Wi-Fi connection. Crucially, its customers are therefore able to access data on-demand from their device of choice, without this impacting the security of Brewin’s corporate network.

Within just six weeks and against ambitious delivery time frames, due to a number of internal projects that were running concurrently, our dedicated account team implemented three 100Mb internet circuits to Brewin’s busiest sites. This was our first engagement with Brewin Dolphin, the project ran smoothly, due in part to the excellent working relationship between the two teams.

Brewin Dolphin now benefits from an industry leading solution that ensures its guest Wi-Fi network is ultra-reliable and fast; they have also benefited from Neos Networks’ full service wrap and the expertise of our dedicated account team throughout the course of the implementation.

Following the success of the internet installations, in the challenging timescales, future projects are now on the horizon, conversations are ongoing with regards to how Neos Networks can help Brewin with its ongoing network requirements.

About Brewin Dolphin

Brewin Dolphin’s success is founded on its long track record of helping private clients, trusts, charities and pension funds to create and preserve wealth. Its rich heritage goes back two and a half centuries, to one of the founding firms of the London Stock Exchange.

Brewin Dolphin is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and has a Premium Listing on the London Stock Exchange – this is the most stringent form of listing available in terms of financial, governance and regulatory requirements. The Group is a member of the Wealth Management Association and broking firm trade associations.

In order to make our new end-user tech strategy a reality, we needed the new infrastructure to be in place quickly. We shopped around for our internet requirements and found Neos Networks’ proposition extremely competitive. We were also upfront about the extremely tight time frames that we were working to and were reassured by the team that the circuits would be delivered to our schedule. We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality of service to our customers and staff and needed to ensure that the new Wi-Fi connections were in place on time to meet their needs. “We’re pleased to say that the whole process ran smoothly. Having a dedicated account team on-hand was key to ensuring that our ambitious timescales were met. Now that the solution is in place and in use, Neos Networks has certainly lived up to its reputation for reliability. As our first project together, it has definitely been a positive experience, so much so, that we’re currently considering further projects with the team.

“In order to make our new end-user tech strategy a reality, we needed the new infrastructure to be in place quickly. We’re pleased to say that the whole process ran smoothly. Having a dedicated account team on-hand was key to ensuring that our ambitious timescales were met. Without Neos Networks we wouldn’t be able to provide such resilient connectivity at such a cost efficient price for our clients in Aberdeen and across the UK. This has meant that they are in tune with our needs and the demands of our customers. We fully trust their advice and have complete confidence in their networking expertise. The team hasn’t yet been in a position where they can’t deliver the connectivity services we need and we’re confident that this will remain the case in the future.”

Gavin Martin, Head of IT infrastructure at Brewin Dolphin

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