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What is Cloud Connect and how does it work?

Cloud Connect is a direct, secure connection between your network and your cloud service provider (CSP). It bypasses the public internet, using a private network instead, which ensures consistent performance, capacity and improved security.

When you choose Cloud Connect, you can enjoy easy, affordable access to applications and resources without the need for physical infrastructure or hardware. You’ll be able to connect to multiple major providers, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), using the same secure, high-performance connection across all services.

Cloud Connect works by acting as a natural extension of your private network into the virtual network of your chosen CSP. It offers seamless cloud connectivity, with data travelling between endpoints as if they were communicating within the same network.

Why is it worth using Cloud Connect for your business?

When you use a Cloud Connect service, your connection bypasses the public internet. You don’t share your connection, or your bandwidth, with anyone else. This means you’ll avoid all the associated performance irregularities and security issues. You’ll also benefit from increased flexibility, scalability, resilience and consistency.

With a Cloud Connect service, security is enhanced, with a private and direct virtual connection to your chosen CSP offering multiple layers of protection. Plus, as well as avoiding the risks that come with using the public internet, your provider will also have additional security and threat detection measures in place to protect your data.

Cloud Connect puts you in a more flexible position, as well, with a subscription model that lets you pay only for what you need. You can scale your bandwidth up and down to meet your requirements.

If your organisation is heavily dependent on your connectivity infrastructure, it needs to be resilient and reliable. With Cloud Connect you’re protected from interruptions, with failover options that keep your business connected, no matter what. Collaboration and productivity can also be enhanced with Cloud Connect. If your business is supported by nationally or globally diverse teams, they will be able to work together more effectively and share ideas anywhere, on any device, without compromising sensitive company data.

What are the different types of cloud connectivity?

When you’re considering how to connect to the cloud, there are many different methods that you can use. The most basic and cheapest route to cloud connectivity is through a standard internet connection over the public internet.

Although this type of connection is easy to deploy, it also has many challenges. That’s why more sophisticated connectivity options have been developed, which include direct Ethernet, MPLS IP VPN and SD-WAN Cloud Connect.

Using the public internet

When an organisation connects to the cloud using a standard public internet connection, it’s easy to set up and the costs are low. However, accessing cloud applications in this way can result in performance inconsistencies, and it also exposes the organisation to more security risks.

Accessing cloud applications using the public internet means your business is competing for bandwidth with other users, too. You’ll experience congestion, and you’ll have no control over how your data is routed. If the shortest, fastest link isn’t available, data will be redirected over a more indirect route, potentially resulting in packet loss and a less stable, high-latency connection with higher security risks.

Using direct Ethernet

Using a direct Ethernet connection provides a rapid and safe route to cloud. It bypasses the public internet completely, and ensures high-performance, end-to-end connectivity without any of the potential security issues associated with the public internet.

When you choose the direct Ethernet route, your organisation is guaranteed a reliable, low-latency and consistent connection that delivers high bandwidth. The connection is private and uncontended, which means your business doesn’t compete for bandwidth with other users. As a result, you’ll enjoy an exceptionally fast service, with no bottlenecks and a choice of bandwidths and service options to match your needs.


An MPLS IP VPN network, or Multiprotocol Label Switching Internet Protocol to create a Virtual Private Network, allows multi-site businesses to access cloud services, sharing connectivity and data within a high-bandwidth network.

When you choose MPLS IP VPN, your cloud connection is directly integrated into the network, which means it is completely private and totally secure. Your individual business locations share the connectivity to access resources in the cloud and, as your business grows, your MPLS IP VPN can scale with you.

With its combination of high data privacy, high performance, and security and compliance advantages, MPLS IP VPN is a commonplace option for businesses that want a secure and reliable connection to cloud providers.

Using SD-WAN Cloud Connect

With SD-WAN Cloud Connect, or a Software-Defined Wide Area Network, an organisation can connect its multiple business locations to several cloud service providers at once. For cost-effective, direct connectivity into multiple cloud environments, SD-WAN provides a wide range of advantages that is hard to beat.

SD-WAN’s secure and private connection mitigates the risk of using the public internet, while providing guaranteed reliability and predictable spend. Plus, there aren’t any large outlay costs, just a quarterly bill, and the flexibility to use what you need. With SD-WAN Cloud Connect, organisations can add or remove capabilities quickly and easily.

Key advantages include end-to-end visibility and the ability to manage the entire enterprise network, as well as providing access to sophisticated and comprehensive connectivity capabilities. From networking and routing, to analytics and traffic optimisation, SD-WAN delivers a wide range of connectivity benefits.

Explore your secure connectivity options

If you’re looking for a direct, secure connection between your network and your cloud service provider then Cloud Connect can provide a wide range of benefits to your organisation. To explore your secure cloud connectivity options in detail, and ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your business, contact one of our experts today.

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