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Security that comes as standard

Network Security

The WannaCry ransomware attack which hit the NHS and thousands of other organisations recently sent shockwaves throughout the UK, making businesses and consumers alike question how seriously they are taking their cyber security protection. At Neos Networks, we keep close tabs on what is happening in the cyber space to ensure that as the threat evolves, we do too.

One example of this is our recent Cyber Essentials PLUS accreditation. Issued by the UK Government as a rubber stamp for our investment in security, the criteria for certification includes a number of cyber security precautions; from a robust patching regime, penetration testing, to comprehensive best practice guidelines.

We understand that security requires a two-pronged strategy, technological investment and education. This is why engaging with our staff is one of the most fundamental parts of our cyber security policy. We issue a ‘Handle with Care’ e-learning module, which gives guidance on good cyber security practice including how to categorise and treat sensitive information. We then supplement this baseline knowledge with additional specific engagements giving employees who work in particularly sensitive roles more specific information about how they can mitigate against the risk of a cyber-incident. We have found by offering regular advice to staff with tips on how to avoid phishing attacks; the likes of which proved hugely damaging in the latest WannaCry attack, that there is increased awareness of best practice and appreciation for ‘doing the right thing’.

Maintaining reliable connectivity is paramount when considering how secure you are against cyber threats. For us our customers rely on our network for their business operation and in our book, only an act of God is an acceptable reason for us not to deliver ultra-resilient, high capacity connectivity.

Whether it’s a cyber criminal or a remote location in the Scottish Highlands that stands in our way – we’ll perform.

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