Is your investment bank megatrend ready?

Is your investment bank megatrend ready?

Today we’ve released the first of two eBooks describing the impact of  megatrends in the investment banking industry on data networks. The series aims to help those specifying, buying, commissioning and managing WAN services to understand and cope with major changes happening in the sector.

The last 30 years have seen technology transform the financial sector into a truly dynamic industry and, as the banking industry recovers from the shock of the financial crisis, the rate of technology-driven change has accelerated again. This first eBook looks into the four main megatrends that are challenging investment banks:

– Customers are demanding more
– The trading floor is trading faster
– IT is getting smarter
– Compliance is getting harder

This eBook explains the trends dominating the investment banking industry both now and in the future, and will whet your appetite for understanding the networking requirements of both today’s and tomorrow’s investment banks. Get your copy here

Next up, we’ll explain how firms can meet network capacity, performance, resilience and security requirements, as well as pinpoint the questions that firms must ask technology providers to discover if they genuinely are scalable and future proofed.

Let us know your thoughts on our megatrends below and be sure to keep an eye out for eBook 2!

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