How we're maintaining a competitive EDGE!

How we’re maintaining a competitive EDGE!

“We love your service but we need you to increase your network coverage while remaining competitive”. This used to be the feedback we heard most often from our customers.

The request first appeared on our radar back in 2013 and it quickly became apparent that, to retain our existing customer base as well as win new business, we needed to address this challenge sooner rather than later.

Our response; the creation and launch of Project Edge – a strategic network expansion programme targeting key business areas across the UK. In 2013 the idea came to fruition, with Project Edge seeing us on-net 430 new Points of Presence (PoPs) over a four-year period. By putting our kit into these exchanges we were able to offer our customers more competitive Ethernet pricing in-line with market rates as well as expanding our network to reach over 200,000 UK business postcodes.

In line with Project Edge, during 2013 we also launched our pricing and ordering portal, LIVEQUOTE. The easy-to-use online tool enables our customers to take the reigns – generating Ethernet quotes and orders themselves in a matter of seconds.

How things have progressed…

While the launch of Project Edge and LIVEQUOTE helped to cement our position within the reseller market we realised that we still needed to do more in order gain a competitive edge. That’s why, in 2014, we launched the second phase of Project Edge; Edge Plus.

Edge Plus enables us to collaborate with a number of key UK telecoms providers, offering their services through our pricing portal. This meant that our partners could not only see pricing for our own services, they could also see pricing for BT Wholesale, Virgin Media Business, Vodafone, Talk Talk Business, Colt and coming shortly – Capita.

In 2016 we also launched Edge 2 which saw us on-net a further 33 PoPs to our network, meaning that our Ethernet services would reach a further 58,342 business postcodes.

Keeping ahead of the curve

We know the importance of pricing in today’s commodity driven market. We also understand the importance of keeping ahead of the game both in relation to our network reach and our pricing. So for us the journey continues…

During 2016 and into 2017 we’ve been continually reviewing the pricing of our Ethernet, Optical Wavelength services and Dedicated Internet Access solutions and have made all of these services available to quote on LIVEQUOTE. We’re also regularly taking advantage of – and are passing on – any pricing promotions from Openreach so that our customers can take full advantage of the best possible price for any connectivity services they require.

As for our footprint, we plan to keep growing. Over the next few years we will be enabling access to an additional 350 exchanges as part of the Capita network sharing deal. We’ll also be unbundling a further 40 PoPs in the next 9 months as part of Edge 3.

All in all, we realise that listening to our customers is necessary in order for us improve and grow. That’s why, when customer feedback – like the above – is brought to our attention we make every effort not only to respond but also to address and alleviate any concerns. The result of this is clear when reviewing our consistently high NPS scores which averaged at +61 over the last 12 months.

What’s more with scheduled improvements to our network and regular review of our pricing planned we’ll continue to respond to any related queries that come our way.

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