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Neos Networks commitment
to Net Zero by 2030

Neos Networks commits to be net zero by 2030



Why net zero?

Our planet is warming at alarming rates leading to changes in weather patterns, melting ice caps and rising sea levels negatively impacting life. To reduce the impact on Earth and to prolong quality of life for generations to come we need to act now.  To do this the world must slow down the increase in global average temperatures. The goal of the 2015 Paris Agreement is to limit global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels.

Neos Networks has committed to aligning carbon emissions with the Paris Agreement and Science Based Targets Initiative, in order to achieve our ambition of net zero by 2030.

Our commitment

If the transition to a low-carbon economy happens too slowly, climate change could have devastating effects on our planet. We have a part to play in achieving at least net zero and we’re very much up for the challenge.

At Neos Networks, we have underpinned our future on providing the low carbon infrastructure that helps the UK achieve their climate targets.

That’s why Neos Networks is committing to achieve ‘net zero’ by 2030.

Doing our bit

Our ongoing carbon reduction plan measures the emissions produced by our office, exchanges, data centres, and as a result of our business travel.

To date we have already ensured we have Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points in our office car parks, ensured we have more energy efficient Light Emitting Diaode (LED)/ Passive Infrared (PIR) lighting controls in our main offices and have completed the renewal of our IT equipment to the highest energy efficiency rating available to reduce our footprint.

We continue to educate our employees and explore employee incentives within our ‘Ways of Working’ HR policies. For example, our cycle to work scheme which supports those keen to travel more economically by providing a loan and by introducing more flexible working practices to reduce unnecessary travel and improve our colleagues’ work/life balance.

Future measures

The figures

Neos Networks aims to meet Net-Zero by 2030. We project that carbon emissions baselined in 2019 at 5661 tCO2e will decrease to 2000 tCO2e by 2024. This is a reduction of 65% over five years.


Our carbon reduction plan is deliberately aligned to our values, and is fully supported by our Executive Board. We are leveraging the strong credentials and sustainability drivers of our shareholders with a focus to achieve net zero across our whole organisation by 2030.

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