Midlands connectivity boost: Neos Networks and Jisc to launch brand new fibre network across the region - Neos Networks

Midlands connectivity boost: Neos Networks and Jisc to launch brand new fibre network across the region

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Education and research centres, including universities of Birmingham and Warwick, to benefit from connectivity speeds of up to 100Gbit/s

LONDON, UK, 27 November, 2019 Neos Networks, one of the UK’s leading connectivity suppliers, has been chosen by Jisc, the digital solutions provider for the UK research and education sectors, to launch the ‘Jisc Midlands’ network. The brand-new network is a combination of the current Jisc East and West Midlands networks and will enable education and research facilities across the region to tap into connectivity speeds of up to 100Gbit/s.

As the UK looks to achieve full-fibre connectivity by the end of the decade, Neos Networks is partnering with like-minded businesses to initiate innovative projects that will drive forward fibre networks and improve access to services. The new network forms part of this strategy and will provide education and research facilities across the region, including the universities of Birmingham, Warwick and Nottingham, with access to higher bandwidth.

Neos Networks was awarded the contract following a competitive procurement process. Jisc chose the business as it met the key criteria of being able to design a fast and reliable network that could support required bandwidth at the best value; a critical need for education and research hubs as they increasingly raise their capacity requirements, with biggest users in the region currently utilising up to 20Gbit/s.

Neos Networks’ flexible, resilient and high-bandwidth network will ensure long-term value for money. As Jisc is a publicly funded organisation, ensuring projects are undertaken in a way that is most cost-effective to its members and customers is a significant factor in procurement.

A key element of this project is Neos Networks’ ability to incorporate other service providers’ networks. As well as utilising its core network, Neos Networks will ensure that Jisc receives the best possible value by using fibre from three other telecommunications companies and undertaking strategic construction to achieve an optimum bespoke design, based on the most advantageous routes and not dependent upon fibre ownership.

Today’s news, the latest in Neos Networks’ ongoing network expansion drive, further strengthens the near 20-year relationship between Neos Networks and Jisc. Most recently the two businesses announced a partnership to update and consolidate the Janet South network again extending a working relationship for the continued management of the UK Backbone network.

We are delighted to have been awarded the Jisc Janet Midlands contract. This network will help Midlands-based education and research centres connect and collaborate across the region and the wider UK, as well as access the Internet and Cloud applications. It will enable them to connect to global research centres, further driving innovation and supporting the UK’s ambition of being a leader in research and further education.

Colin Sempill, Chief Executive at Neos Networks

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