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Opportunity for investment

Perth Full Fibre network expansion

Over the last few years Neos Networks has been heavily investing in fibre asset in order to extend its network reach across the UK.

In 2020/21 Perth & Kinross Council asked us to deploy a new Full Fibre network across Perth to connect 34 public sector buildings as part of the UK Government Local Full Fibre Network (LFFN) programme, which was also part-funded by the Tay Cities Deal.

This network, built in Perth city centre and extending out to the west of Perth, uses some of the Councils own 10km of duct, together with Neos Networks duct. This network of duct and fibre, extending to over 20km, gives other network operators the opportunity to gain access to connect local businesses and residential homes to gigabit capable broadband in a cost-effective manner.

A further 102 buildings in the wider Perth and Kinross area have also been connected to Full Fibre as part of the LFFN project. The Council and Neos Networks have reciprocal IRU agreements over the use of the duct and fibre for the next 20 years.

Our opportunity for investment guide provides more information regarding the available fibre network and the numbers of premises that are accessible from the network.