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Drum Property Group and modern infrastructure

When Drum Property Group needs a worldclass network to connect Aberdeen’s state-of-the-art business park.

The outcome

We worked closely with Drum Property Group during the development of Prime Four – a new, international-class business park in Kingswells, Aberdeen – which has been built to provide top quality accommodation for the ever growing number of global oil and gas companies keen to participate in the explosive growth of Aberdeen’s off-shore drilling industry. To achieve this, the Drum Property Group needed to ensure that the excellent transport links around the Prime Four site were matched by next generation digital connectivity, with a state-of-the-art telecoms infrastructure.

Following a rigorous assessment of the market, Drum Property Group selected Neos Networks’ network to deliver high bandwidth services to the growing number of organisations that are choosing to locate in the park, which is essential to ensure that all are able to compete in the global economy. For instance, we deliver a range of services, from dark fibre connectivity to high bandwidth Internet access, to firms including Apache North Sea Ltd and Transocean Drilling UK Ltd, who have established offices in the development.

With our network in place, tenants on Prime Four will also benefit from telecoms supplier diversity, with the added benefit of increased flexibility, competition and vastly improved reliability, as the park previously relied upon a sole incumbent provider.

The solution

In the early stages of development, a key consideration for Drum Property Group was to provide Aberdeen with an innovative, high quality office development in a peri-urban location that would attract inward investment. We worked closely with Drum Property Group to understand its requirements in achieving this goal – ensuring that the Prime Four business park would be the premier venue for many international companies – and in 2011, we began a detailed initial design and concept stage.

The network rollout followed shortly thereafter and Neos Networks’ high-bandwidth, high-availability fibre network solutions are now readily available to each and every property in all new phases of the park’s development. Our high-capacity, Next Generation Network is even attracting organisations from telecoms-challenged rural locations to re-locate to the area. Indeed, through our flexible and scalable solution, we are able to deliver Ethernet and Internet connectivity services at up to 40Gb per connection, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual businesses in the park. Additionally, we will provide the telecoms supplier diversity that is crucial to the long-term success of the park and its tenants.

“Our key requirement for the Prime Four development was to secure the very best network reach and Internet access in order to deliver a high-capacity, next generation business park. Neos Networks has helped us to transform the site into a central business hub, attracting large international oil and gas companies to relocate to the park from other areas. With such a trusted and experienced provider, we are confident that we are able to continually deliver a high quality service to all new and existing companies, without fear of downtime.”

Graeme Bone, Group Managing Director of Drum Property Group

About Drum Property Group

Drum Property Group is a privately owned group of companies developing state-of-the-art buildings and environments for people to work and live in. The Group is active throughout the UK across a wide range of projects, and prides itself on a dynamic approach to property development and investment.

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