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How Elizabeth II has embraced tech throughout her reign

This year Her Majesty The Queen marks 70 years of service to our country. No British Monarch has celebrated a Platinum Jubilee before. To celebrate this historic occasion, a series of public and community events were held from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 June.

In recognition of Queen Elizabeth’s long reign, we hosted a quiz over on our social channels over the jubilee period. The questions - which ranged from easy to challenging - explored Her Majesty’s relationship with technology over her time in position.

Although the queen maintains traditions followed by previous monarchs, she’s always kept very up to date with modern technology.

You might be surprised to know that Queen Elizabeth…

1. …was one of the first people to send an email

Email might seem like a modern invention, but it was, in fact, created over 50 years ago. In 1971 the first electronic message was sent by an engineer called Ray Tomlinson… to himself.

In 1976, with the help of Peter Kirstein (a scientist who helped create the internet) the queen followed in Tomlinson’s footsteps and became one of the first people in history to send an email.

The username Kirstein set up for the queen was HME2. As you might have guessed, this was shorthand for Her Majesty Elizabeth II.

2. …was the first monarch to have a televised coronation

The first-ever television drama was called ‘The Queen’s Messenger.’ This live production was achieved using just two cameras in 1928, but only a handful of households had televisions at the time.

Fast forward to 1953, Queen Elizabeth did indeed send a message to the people of the UK! On the day of her coronation, 27 million tuned in to watch the first ever televised crowning of a monarch at Westminster Abbey.

3. …paid a visit to Google’s London headquarters in 2008

There she spoke to employees and toured the premises (which were under construction at the time). She then uploaded a video to her own newly created YouTube channel that showed her younger self meeting Olympic athletes in 1968.

But what viral video did she watch? During her visit, the queen was shown a clip of a giggling baby that made her laugh out loud - a clip that has since clocked up over 63 million views.

4. …once recorded her Christmas speech in 3D

In 2012, the Queen’s Speech was broadcast by Sky TV using 3D cameras for the very first time. The footage was then sold to big-name broadcasters - including the BBC and ITV - before premiering on Christmas Day.

The speech - which saw Queen Elizabeth talk about the Olympics and her forthcoming Diamond Jubilee - was another first for a monarch entirely comfortable with embracing modern technology.

5. …is no stranger to the ‘Twitterverse’ either

Before broadcasting her Christmas speech in 3D, the queen already had a Twitter account. But when did she send her first tweet? The historic moment occurred in 2014 during a visit to the Science Museum.

Proving that, even at 88 years old she was technologically savvy; our reigning monarch completed the opening of a new gallery by signing off her tweet as ‘Elizabeth R.’

6. …made the first-ever telephone call from the Bristol Exchange

Today, phones fit neatly in our pockets and are more like mini computers. But back in 1958 - when the queen called Lord Provost of Edinburgh - telephone technology was brand new. So new, in fact, that Elizabeth II was the first ever person to make a call (that didn’t require a switchboard).

Our very best wishes to Her Majesty The Queen on this historic occasion!


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