Can you safely say your network infrastructure is secure?

Can you safely say your network infrastructure is secure?

Absolute safety is our number one goal at Neos Networks. Whether it’s our field workers laying fibre in the ground, our data centre operators plugging cables into services, or our network engineers provisioning 10Gbps links, safety is always our top priority.

We apply exactly the same attitude with your network. We understand that your network is critical to your business operations, and we’re here to give you peace of mind that it’s both safe and secure.

Indeed, security breaches in the IT and telecoms industries – be it malware-laden emails sent around enterprises, suspicious packages left outside data centres or the threat of terrorists cutting fibre in the ground – have steadily been on the rise over recent years and it’s estimated that, within just four years, the cost of these breaches will quadruple to £800 billion1.

Why the increase in attacks on telecoms infrastructure?

As part of the national critical infrastructure, telecoms networks are also at risk of terrorist attack. Taking out connectivity to the cloud or fibre into a data centre could cause long term disruption and damage to companies and public sector organisations alike (not to mention to their customers and users). Unintentional outages can be just as disruptive. For example, if a JCB operator carrying out road surface repairs dug a foot too deep or slightly further to the right than planned, communication links could be severed. Putting financial implications aside for a moment, these incidents, whether the result of malicious activity or an honest mistake, could have critical consequences, delaying emergency response units in times of crisis. In our modern world, communication is key.  Once it’s lost, it can be hard work, sometimes near impossible, to regain control of the situation and come out on top.

How we make sure you don’t become a statistic.

Neos Networks prides itself on its resilient, robust, redundant network architecture.

Our expert engineers have built Neos Networks’ network to the very highest standard; they’ve made sure that our core network is geographically diverse so our partners can rest assured knowing their traffic is safe. For routes that don’t already have this high-level of diversity, our network architects build bespoke solutions for customers, meeting the most demanding levels of security through smart network engineering.

We take safety and security seriously. Neos Networks’ information security management systems have earned ISO27001:2013 certification, a highly regulated independent benchmark, throughout its telecoms and data centre businesses.

We’ve also invested in Local Accreditation to OFFICIAL (legacy IL2); this means we’ve been independently audited to confirm we are able to handle public sector data at Impact Level IL2 for confidentiality and integrity and IL4 for availability at 99.95%, or (2-2-4).

Further to these measures Neos Networks is in the process of being awarded CESG Assured Service (Telecoms) – CAS(T) status by the Communications-Electronics Security Group – CESG, which advises organisations on how to protect their information and systems against today’s security threats.

We don’t let our customers down – we protect them like we protect ourselves:

Ed Butler, MD of Everest Data Centres, turned to Neos Networks when the company needed dark fibre to securely connect two of its sites, “As we pride ourselves on providing a first-class service to our customers by delivering quality and secure data centre solutions as standard, our expectations were extremely high from the outset. With a service provider as trusted as Neos Networks on board, we are in no doubt that our current and long-term needs are fully understood and can be met without fail.”

You wouldn’t put your company in the hands of a stranger that could jeopardise your future; choose Neos Networks as your trusted UK partner to provide safe, secure, reliable and robust connectivity for your network.


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