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Laying smart city foundations

We are vastly improving public services, by facilitating high-speed, high capacity full fibre networks.

What is a smart city?

Smart cities are built on high capacity, ultra-resilient fibre networks. They are places where digital technologies are deployed to do more than just improve the use of resources and reduce emissions.

To achieve smart city ideals, an area must harness information to create safer communities, with improved urban transportation, energy efficiency and a better environment for businesses and inhabitants. Everything is focused on promoting sustainable economic growth while improving the quality of life for all.

This can only be achieved when a city is built on a powerful, reliable, efficient network infrastructure. That’s why Neos Networks partners with local authorities to transform regions and improve the delivery of public services. From council buildings, GP surgeries and fire stations, to schools, museums and village halls, we help equip communities for the ever-growing demands of the digital economy.

How we deliver smart cities

Neos Networks is perfectly positioned to enable areas across the UK to move ahead with their smart city ambitions. We have:


RM6095 gigabit-capable capabilities for managed network infrastructure services



Accelerated regional network enhancements and investment in long-term infrastructure assets



A wide range of connectivity solutions from Ethernet to SD-WAN and Dark Fibre, with speeds of up to 100Gbps

Smart cities benefit from:

Leading edge technology-based infrastructures

Clearly-communicated, measurable environmental initiatives

Knowledge sharing and open data governance

Effective, sustainable public transportation

Integrated, progressive urban planning

Connected cities and places

Perth and Kinross

Oxfordshire on the rise

We were selected by Oxfordshire County Council to deliver full fibre gigabit-capable broadband infrastructure. This was an integral part of the council’s strategic initiative to improve connectivity and digital inclusion across the county.

Learn more about our Oxfordshire initiative
Significant improvement to the service offering at community centres and village halls, as well as providing a more cost-effective connectivity solution for all public sector sites
Schools, libraries, county council buildings, GP surgeries, fire stations, leisure centres, community centres and museums provided with full fibre access
Many facilities located in rural locations where fibre connectivity can be challenging and expensive to deploy
Builds on Oxfordshire’s wider commitment to improve connectivity across the county through its Digital Infrastructure Programme
170+ public sector and local authority buildings connected

Aberdeenshire in action

When Aberdeenshire Council, NHS Grampian and Aberdeen City Council wanted to deliver gigabit-capable connectivity to public sector sites, they turned to us to futureproof their digital ambitions.

Learn more about our Aberdeenshire
Built on a transformative infrastructure, improving delivery of public services to the community, boosting economic activity and quality of life
Reduces disruptive construction and maximises the number of premises served for the available budget
Supports mobility, protects the environment and enhances the areas attractiveness as a place to live and work
The network spans 275km, underpinning a world-class approach to digital service delivery
Creates new businesses and grows existing ones, attracting further investment to the region
Connects 190 public sector sites across Aberdeenshire

Perth and Kinross future vision

Perth and Kinross has a vision to transform Perth into one of Europe’s great small cities. Neos Networks was selected to assist with the council’s aspirations for smart growth and an international reputation for enterprise, learning, culture and an exceptional quality of life.

Learn more about our Perth & Kinross
18km end-to-end full fibre network, covering 33 locations across the city, including educational sites, public buildings, institutions, council buildings, leisure centres, care homes and residential homes
Includes key sites such as Perth Fire Station, Perth City Hall, Strathmoor Family Change Project, Dewars Conference Centre, council data centres, Perth Museum and Art Gallery and Perth Theatre
Enables next generation technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), crucial to futureproofing businesses in the area
Will help serve the local community for the next 20 years, futureproofing the region against the ever-growing demands of the digital economy

Make a better connection with Neos Networks

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